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some tattoos don’t hurt even if they make you think ;)


An interesting photoshop/ tattoo project was hot on the Web this week. There is something totally fascinating about the colored skin although ever since I started tattooing myself, the blank skin seems even more fascinating (and kind of alien) to me. Do people with tattoos look better or worse than people without color in their skin? There is *no* right answer here!

With tattoos (and other kinds of body modification) come responsibility and health risks, though, so one needs to be careful. A TN-based tattoo artist (and mother as one doesn’t exclude the other!) wants people to be more aware of home tattooing among minors. This UK woman seems to have experienced a real horror when her cheek piercings turned out bad (not very reliable source, though) while here you can read about ear lobe reconstruction (as sometimes we grow out of our mods).


More on Shanghai Kate and her impact on the modern tattoo world. Another great female tattoo artist, Hannah Aitchinson, here.

3-D tattoos are all the rage now. Here both some articles on the subjects and links to artists good at 3-D illusion.

The world that goes away – the last Pangutob tattoo artist in Phillipines.

In the US the Republican Party suddenly becomes more open-minded and one of her reps states: “We need a bigger party. We need a party that looks like America,[…  ] We need a more diverse party,” […] “People with tattoos, and without tattoos. With earrings, and without earrings.” When they get the power, they won’t need anyone!

In a Japanese city of Zushi ‘scary’ tattoos were banned on the public beach popular among American sailors.

Are tattoos taboo?’ asks a Christian writer and even though she seems to be against the tattoos on a personal level, she also states that ‘in the world of God it is not what is on the outside of a person that matters, but what is on the inside.’ Amen to that! 🙂

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