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“Daily Mail” about an interesting photography project involving gang members, tattoos and their hope and fight to begin a new life! The book will sure be a fascinating overview of these ppl’s lives.

Chefs and their own stories behind their tattoos – as Anthony Bourdain showed in his “Kitchen Confidential,” it’s quite hard to be firsta Β cook and then a chef, so there are lots of emotions put in such tattoos.


Purely biological on the onconscious level? How we perceive ppl’s bodies, tattoos included.

A new exhibit in Chicago and an opportunity to get tattooed – 2 in 1, a good idea!


Finally sth in Polish – a change of rules in favor of the tattooed in the Polish Army?


it’s never only about one part of any equation! There are no tattooists without tattooee’s, just like there are no tattooee’s without tattooists.


Yet another one about Slawek; I think it’s the last one – I’m not gonna deify the guy πŸ˜‰

lenny birk

From a different part of the world someone who’s been 20 years in the industry. Sure he saw a lot!

tattoo enthusiast

Finally, a nice piece by someone who describes herself as a tattoo enthusiast – fair enough and quite enthusiastic at that.

Master ;)

Slawek Fraczek

This weekend there’s a tattoo convention in Poznan, Poland. During the event one of the best Polish tattoo artists, Slawek Fraczek, will be celebrating his 25 years in the industry.

Slawek is quite special to me as he created most of my tattoos and showed and taught me a lot about tattoos. He may be one of the pioneers of the Polish scene but to me he’s just a humble, very open-minded guy always on the lookout for new things to spot and master. He may be perceived as the “king” but I’m sure he scoffed at the very idea and the title of this article. And he’s really good at cooking πŸ˜‰


ready, steady …


Interesting things have been happening in Cuba and it’s fascinating to watch how politics affects so many aspects of daily life, tattoos included. For many ppl there sth has been changing and a new light appears. Finally able to breathe, move and express themselves? The Washington Post is only one of the many newspapers that are covering the tattoos in Cuba now.

Polish sprinter

And sth from Poland – kind of silly and cute at the same time and showing how the joy of movement can be one with the joy of self-expression even if – at first – it doesn’t seem to have a deeper meaning. After all, you never know what’s behind a tattoo! πŸ˜‰

homo sapiens politicus … et pictus est!

Trump tattoos

The US presidential election is in the near future, so no wonder ppl get excited and eager to share their opinions and support for the candidates, also by means of tattoos. Here you have links to tattoos of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Not that much interest in Hillary Clinton but at least she got one biggish leg tattoo!

Tattoos seem a perfect way to express your political views and if you change them, you can always go for a cover-up. In the US Obama tattoos were quite popular while in other countries ppl got Mandela tattoos or Ataturk signature tattoos to express their support for modernization of their countries and equal rights.

In Poland tattoos of politicians aren’t that popular but let me re-post this text about patriotic tattoos – we always go big and since our own politicians don’t impress, we choose to recall our glorious past! πŸ˜‰



Mums and tattoos

tattooed mums

A bit repetitive and yet quite positive things you can find in these lists of things tattooed Mums either come across or are strong enough to show to and teach their kids.

Mums and tattoos

Funnily enough, the Washington Post ran an interesting post in their advice column focused on Mum vs tattooed Daughter thing.

A Polish slide-show about tattoos and women. I actually don’t know whether I should laugh, cry or just shrug this thing off πŸ˜€

Polish national tats

national tats

A nice surprise in my fav Polish newspaper today – a pretty long article about patriotism-themed tattoos on Poles! Of course, seeing how most Poles are deadly serious about their country and everything related, these tattooos are all about martyrdom (Polish people are as martyr-like as you can get!), sacrifice, suffering, Pride (yep, it’s always about the capital P). Even our national Independence Day is in November which means no fireworks, no picnics, no fun, no pride (without the cap(s)).

What is interesting in this article is not tattoos themselves; it’s the thoughts, motives and dreams of people who wear these tattoos and these are pretty morose to put it mindly.

And, alas, at least some of the ppl described are very far from the ideal modified human being the late Shannon Larratt wanted to make real – educated, creative, open-minded, independent and trying to do their best just to show that being tattooed/ modified in any unconventional way doesn’t mean being a loser. Let’s just keep on trying! πŸ˜‰

  • posted by a 100% Polish person without any Polish tattoos! πŸ˜›


the driving force

We all should have sth that trully matters to us, sth that makes us better ppl and lets us express ourselves. When you modify your body, you know that you can modify (or change) other things as well and then you really can become a change you want to see in the world (even if Ghandi didn’t really mean it this way πŸ˜‰

human rights

The Human Rights Tattoo Project reminds us of sth that should be a given and which is not even in the Western world. Ppl in other parts of the world still fight for their own rights and very often a right to decide what to do with your own body is just a beginning!

tattoo stories

without my tattoos I wouldn’t be myself” – radical? maybe but we all have our own feelings, perspectives and a right to have them!

Tattoos express who we are and how we feel about ourselves, the world around, ppl and ideas. This article tries to show us that tattoos also reflect changes in times and perspectives and maybe it’s not as far fetched as it might seem to be at first.

‘be a change you want to see …? again? Hell yes and these ordinary tattooed ppl from WI prove it with their charity drive – small steps, good deeds and the color of your skin may not matter one day!


And a Polish one – why it must be always the semi-naked women on the calendar pages? Let the men show what they have, too πŸ˜‰

tattoos in the sun

tattoos on holidays

My friends fromΒ (and I miss these guys awfully!) had an idea for aΒ holiday contest combining tattoos and some good time on vacations. The tattoos don’t have to be done by them only, so if you are in for some fun, go ahead and submit some interesting pictures.

The contest lasts till September 6. I so would participate just for the heck of it but I’m one of the social network outcasts and the only FB I actually do is visiting page on work days! πŸ˜›

For all of us playing the role of outcasts, Sex Pistols’ ‘holiday in the sun.’ πŸ™‚