where are the limits?

German documentary

A German TV channel is airing a documentary about body modifications. Interesting as it may be, it’s the approach chosen by the doc makers that really matters!


And seriously, is it really that important if a cop has tattoos or not? Some of the corrupted, bad cops didn’t have even one tiny tattoo, let alone major and more extreme body modifications. The way our skin looks shouldn’t have any impact on how we do our jobs!

be brave, be tattooed!

Being tattooed takes courage and there is no doubt about it. On the purely superficial level it might be a fashion statement but then you have to face social prejudice, other ppl’s opinions, sometimes serious consequences and discrimination. It’s all worth it, tho, b/c being tattooed, esp. heavily tattooed, lets you become the real you.

Japan and tattoos

Japan and its dislike of tattoos! They have their reasons and when discussing it, we shouldn’t forget the social and cultural background! But maybe it’s about the time to realzie that tattoos not always equal crimes!

academic tattoos

Academic world and tattoos – why the hell not?

Something to look forward? Some of the quotes are def. interesting!


in the mind of the beholder

father's journal

You can say a lot about tattoos, just like about pretty much everything else. All you have to have is an open mind and some knowledge on the subject. The author of this lil editorial/ commentary/ whatever doesn’t have either!

Tattoos can and actually do reflect change in times and it’s obvious on so many levels, not only ones dicussed in this article.

semicolon tattoos again

By means of tattoos we can start recovering from major traumas in our lives – tattoos don’t solve our problems but they can help come to terms with things the way they are and that’s a good starting point.

Inuit tattoos

Tattoos have an immense cultural value and they are an important sign of identity for many peoples around the world. The fear of cultural apropriation is definitely justifiable, tho, so no wonder the author of this documentary feels “some” apprehension when it comes to make it wider accessible.

Finally, tattoos are *not* an expression of trendiness, they are not so most of the time at least. These minimalist tattoos show in how many creative and clever ways you can show your love of reading (and many other things)!

So … a mark of trendiness? Hardly! We perceive the world the way we think! 😛

the Force

star wars tattooer

Just like a half of population on this planet (or so), I’ve also been waiting anxiously for the new installment of the Star Wars. The more about it, the better, so why not tattoos? Take a look, refresh your memory and keep on waiting!

Japan is trying to destroy tattoos” is a pretty harsh title for an article; the content is interesting and certainly to the point. the pendulum always swings, tho, so …

Tattoos and workplace(s) again – this time you can learn which industries boast the most tattooed employees.

Scarification seldom appears in the news but when it does, it always goes with “cool” adjectives. Gruesome much?

And since the end of the year is around the corner, such summaries will be unavoidable!

back in time

Otzi again, this time almost fighting for his oldest-tattoos-ever title.

Myanmar women

An interesting article about tattooed women from Myanmar and how they feel about being photographed by tourists – a very interesting and much needed perspective, especially that phototourism is getting more and more popular.


An old adage and even older truth – don’t judge a book by its cover proves to be true again.

Temporary tattoos used for medical monitoring purposes.

A short overview of tattoo TV, with such gems mentioned as Prison Break and Sons of Anarchy. I used to love the Prison Break show 😉

Finally, a short journey back in time to admire the beauty and charm of tattoos from the last century.


Certainly interesting is this article about an ink with an unusual ingredient, i.e. human hair. We’ve already seen ppl using their dear deceased’s ashes but hair, from a living person too, is sth new.

reconstructive surgery

If you decide stretched ears are not your thing anymore, ear reconstruction might be a good option. It’s been performed not only by plastic surgeons but also by skilled body mod practitoners.

Memento remake

The movie “Memento” about to be be remade.

tattoo charity event

A great thing to do – charity event at a local tattoo shop!

just a small selection

Not many interesting links today (still no WiFi net for me) but the ones below are not too bad.

tattoo stories

I’ll never get tired of stories behind people’s tattoos, no matter how ordinary they may seem.

Movie-inspired tattoos also say a lot about people wearing them.

An interesting article making one think how times changed – tattoo artists in the online world (esp. Instagram). Check out Tim Hendrick and Sara Fabel‘s work, too.

Finally, hand poking tattooing in TN.



tattoos and fandom

GoT ink

After reading this nice article on tattoos and how they express our love for people, ideas and pop culture I decided to provide here a few interesting examples of tattoos related to pop culture and fandom. Here we have tattoos focused on the Sims, the Simpsons and the Game of Thrones show (it’s less about the books). And there are many many other examples out there which shows how our life can get not only richer but also more colorful thanks to our passions and interests! 🙂

beautiful and banned


‘Divergent’ still going strong and since it’s a real pleasure to see interesting tattoos on fit bodies (no perv feelings here, mind you! Just pure aesthetics!), let’s play with it some more: behind the Four’s tattoos and a slide show from the movie.

Quite an interesting interview with an editor-in-chief of the German tattoo magazine on tatoos in movies and how they usually appear on negative characters (worth noting, however, how it changes, too – who doesn’t like Lisbeth Salander after all? The Divergent/ Dauntless pack will also help with the image).


Some more on ‘Bled for Boston.’

Also, more articles on the Perseverance exhibit in Los Angeles! One of the artists quoted in here noticed: ‘There is pain, but then you heal and the art remains’ which is both simple and profound 😉

Modified charity: helping raise awareness of kidney diseases and autism awareness.

Dress code: ‘can a company ban tattoos at work?’ and new U.S. Army groom rules – tattoos are a big no-no now!

Do parents with tattoos make for bad role models?’ some food for thought although do not expect intellectual fireworks from this one. Also thought-provoking is this one called ‘tattoos are corny and degrading’ (and it’s not as bad as it sounds ;))

Very interesting: a new academic book on tattooing traditions in North America and a Russian inventor who is able to read tattoos as sheet music.