old and new school ;)


Traditional Polynesian tattoos appear in the new film by Disney and – apparently – the company tried hard to make it right. Hopefully it’ll make at least a few ppl to see how varied, old, and rich in meanings tattoos are.

From Korea tattoos by Zihee – small, subtle, beautiful!

and things keep getting … weirder? ;)

naked dating show

just when we thought that the TV reached their most absurd level, here it comes: a new dating show with contestants showing all they have to offer right at the beginning. Inetresting on its own, it’ll be a bit more controversial thanks to at least one of the contestants/ daters: the most tattooed man in the UK.

No wonder most “normal” ppl think tattoos are crazy? 😛 when in the process of being hired, remain in clothes as apparently hiring managers don’t like the ink!

The cool news? tattoos were around way before the era of hiring managers and, I’d bet, they stay around way past all the managers on this planet. And even tho hand-tapping method of tattooing is *not* such a novelty, it’s good the traditional cultures are being kept alive.

coolsten Star Wars

Finally, a little more of Star Wars – it’s never enough of some tattooed Force 😉

the Force

star wars tattooer

Just like a half of population on this planet (or so), I’ve also been waiting anxiously for the new installment of the Star Wars. The more about it, the better, so why not tattoos? Take a look, refresh your memory and keep on waiting!

Japan is trying to destroy tattoos” is a pretty harsh title for an article; the content is interesting and certainly to the point. the pendulum always swings, tho, so …

Tattoos and workplace(s) again – this time you can learn which industries boast the most tattooed employees.

Scarification seldom appears in the news but when it does, it always goes with “cool” adjectives. Gruesome much?

And since the end of the year is around the corner, such summaries will be unavoidable!

back in time

Otzi again, this time almost fighting for his oldest-tattoos-ever title.

Myanmar women

An interesting article about tattooed women from Myanmar and how they feel about being photographed by tourists – a very interesting and much needed perspective, especially that phototourism is getting more and more popular.


An old adage and even older truth – don’t judge a book by its cover proves to be true again.

Temporary tattoos used for medical monitoring purposes.

A short overview of tattoo TV, with such gems mentioned as Prison Break and Sons of Anarchy. I used to love the Prison Break show 😉

Finally, a short journey back in time to admire the beauty and charm of tattoos from the last century.


There’s always a great mix of topics on the Net and I actually enjoy switching form one subject to another. You can approach body modification from many angles, too!

MS ribbon tattoo
An important, food-for-thought angle: MS and medical tattoos.

A kind of social angle: a tattoo artist who really is just a normal guy, far from the *in*famous rock’n’ roll lifestyle of many tattooers, who actually tries to change the way ‘normal’ people usually think about heavier tattooed people.

A gender/ entertainment angle: an interview with a tattoo model and septum piercing and celebrities.

A satirical angle: unbelieveable body modifications (let’s have some laugh at these ppl’s expense, shall we?).

A ‘that’s so cool, man’ angle: 26 amazing body art pictures (not all of them are that amazing, tho).

tattoos in the sun

tattoos on holidays

My friends from Tattoo.pl (and I miss these guys awfully!) had an idea for a holiday contest combining tattoos and some good time on vacations. The tattoos don’t have to be done by them only, so if you are in for some fun, go ahead and submit some interesting pictures.

The contest lasts till September 6. I so would participate just for the heck of it but I’m one of the social network outcasts and the only FB I actually do is visiting Tattoo.pl page on work days! 😛

For all of us playing the role of outcasts, Sex Pistols’ ‘holiday in the sun.’ 🙂

book review: Asterix and the Picts

A visit in the Palmengarten today where I came across a comic book ‘Asterix bei den Pikten.’ Since it’s about tattoos in a way, I bought it.


The Picts remain mysterious even now, so one can make them be many things. The Asterix series made them humorous, not very heavily tattooed (or painted for that matter) and pretty much as rebelious as the famous Gauls. Overall it makes for a funny and light read!

tattoos and fandom

GoT ink

After reading this nice article on tattoos and how they express our love for people, ideas and pop culture I decided to provide here a few interesting examples of tattoos related to pop culture and fandom. Here we have tattoos focused on the Sims, the Simpsons and the Game of Thrones show (it’s less about the books). And there are many many other examples out there which shows how our life can get not only richer but also more colorful thanks to our passions and interests! 🙂