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ear piercings

An article in NYT points out the rising popularity of ear piercings; a post following this shows what can be done by means of fake jewelry which is always an easy way to achieve an interesting look.

Interestingly enough, the news is spreading about a guy who decided to chop his ears off in his pursuit for a chosen look. It looks odd for most of us but isn’t it interesting to live in the times where so much is possible?

A totally failed and misunderstood chest hook suspension.

cute and controversial

kid tattoos

Not a new idea but this way of thinking about tattoos is definitely good: kids’ drawings and feelings for keeps!

corset piercings

The author of this “article” clearly doesn’t know much about corset piericngs and their short life but the piercing itself is very interesting, visually pleasing and still relatively rare, so take a look anyway!

deep and shallow!

I’ve been stating it over and over again and I don’t think I’ll ever stop – it’s amazing in how many different ways the body modification issue is portrayed in the articles written by people around the web and around the world! Here are just two examples:

A moving commentary on the recent female genital piercings classified as FGM in the UK!

And here for soemthing totally different: 13 reasons why tattooed men are hot! Fascinating? You bet it is! 😉

tattoos are hot

the old traditions

say no to FGM

Surprising news from the UK where female genital piercings may be considered a form of FGM! It’s definitely both suprrising and outrageous to even compare both forms of modification as they are on the opposite sides of the body modification spectrum! It’s even more outrageous that male genital piercings seem to be totally OK.

In other, less shocking news …


Japanese tattoo tradition in an exhibition in NYC and another one focused on the Lexington Project in the Art Museum at the University of Kentucky.

The best tattoo shops in NYC and Chicago.

Bamboo tattoos – the process, the feelings, the impressions.

The European Union is looking closely into tattoo inks; nothing solid as of yet, though.


A very interesting article about centuries-old Coptic tattoos!

so popular, so cool ;)

tatto popularity

A Swiss article tries to answer the eternal question of tattoo popularity while an American article tackles another one, why get a tattoo?


Laura Jane of the Against Me! band tells the stories and emotions behind her tattos and it’s quite interesting. A tattooed plus size model, Tess Holliday, defies the beauty norms and it makes one think.

In Poland, tattoos shouldn’t be an obstacle to get a job in police force.

A village fights a centuries-old curse with flagellation and body piercings in India.

Inked interview

A short interview with the Inked’s Editor in Chief.

things you shouldn't say

Finally, a pretty funny article about things you should never say to someone with piercings. You better keep it in mind 😛

tattoo angles

world cup-related

The World Cup in full swing, so no wonder that there are still lots of articles related to football and tattoos. Here you can read about footballers with the coolest tattoos, footballers with iffy Asian tattoos, international connections reflected in the players’ tattoos, temporary face tattoos and the biggest fan of one Brazilian football club.

Tattoos and jobs make for a fascinating topic on their own. Tattoos in the US Army, tattoos in Hawaii Police Department (Oahu), tattoos and police in Germany, certain professions and their taboos.

Tattoos and Christians. An American televangelist declared tattoos as a heathen practice; coincidentally, thousands of miles away, a German pastor is very interested in having a group of tattooed people for his community/ parish Sunday celebration. Also, Christian tattoos are getting more and more popular which must be a final proof of the strange charm of Evil!


A book review: ‘Playing With Identity’ book (about tattoos in Poland).

body piercing day

International Body Piercing Day took place yesterday! This day is also Jim Ward‘s b-day and without him everything would have lookeed way different for all of us!

And that’s something I came across yesterday: an interview with a Polish mother-daughter team of tattooers on Polish TV.

raising awareness


This week there was quite a few articles about Daniel Hindle – a British teenager who died from septicaemia as a result of a body piercing in 2003. Since then his mother devoted her time and strength to raise awareness of dangers and lack of legal regulations of body piercing in the UK. As she states on the website devoted to her project ‘Dan Aid,’ “The resource is neither pro nor anti piercing, its aim is simply to help you equip young people with the knowledge to go out into the world and make their own informed decisions about body piercing.

The resource mentioned here is a resource pack designed to use by professionals working with young people.


It’s very interesting and good to see that schools are willing to educate young people on such a subject! The subject itself is very delicate and must be handled properly; hopefully, the DanAid project will be able to change things for the better!

DanAid is present also in other cyber places, such as Twitter and FB.


edgy looks with a pop culture twist


Another week of ‘Divergent’ frenzy. This time you can read about Eric’s tattoos (he’s a villain in the book), who inspired the look of the Divergent tattoos and even upgrade your reading taste thanks to the Inked Magazine’s  input on the subject.

Human Rights Tattoo Project a few letters closer to completion thanks to their visit in Berlin.

Private piercing, serious sacrifice’ recalls the traditional Sun Dance.

Way less serious and interesting: a Polish tattoo artist selling his skin (after his death, of course), a Norwegian kid taking his *cough* love for McDonald’s further than anyone else and a very important question: ‘are women over 40 too old for body piercing?’ Everyone should read it! 😉

why be normal when you can be yourself?’ goes to Suicide Girls and tries to be affirmative about uniqueness and edgy look. What the author forgets to mention is that the edgy look sooner or later becomes just another kind of uniform and eventually has nothing to do with being ourselves. Another serious question to ponder 😀