let’s express ourselves!

a means of self-expression

The Guardian seems to be on a roll with all the tattoos-related articles but I don’t mind it at all. this one may be not outstanding but still shows what tattoos can be about!

indigenous ink

I enjoyed reading this one – tattoos are WAY more than fashion, individual self-expression or a whim. They were born to show inclusion, belonging to a tribe, creating a sense of more than self-identity. It should be kept in mind.

(not only) Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Obviously a big deal as with all other Friday the 13th’s, so there’s no wonder that so many tattoo shops decided to use this opportunity to play with it. It’s quite cool that some Polish shop(s) did it, too, and with a good cause in mind at that!

More about Scott Campbell’s tattoo performance!

literary tattoos

Literary tattoos are always a good choice IMHO, so take a look at these suggestions (altho I’d never use any of it – I have my own favs).

Berber women's tattoos

Finally, a wonderful idea and lots of hard work put in this tattoo book!


native tattoos

Another story focused on Native American tattoos in Alaska (with Greenland also playing an important role). “Permanence is why tattoos carry so much weight: For Nordlum and the growing number of Alaska Native women getting traditional tattoos, it’s about showing the world a permanent, proud Native identity.” More than one may think at first.

tattoo process 1

An interesting college class focused not as much on the looks and appearance  as on the process behind the tattooing (not only thoughts, feelings, emotions involved but also logistics and things behind the stage). Again, more than it seems at first.

tattoo process 2

A photo project focused on ppl during the process of acquiring a tattoo. I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea – not everything should be at display and some of the pics put off, at least at first and not that many ppl tend to think things over, esp. when they get to see it on the Internet.

The most unusual tattoo requests in Dutch – ppl are so weird, ain’t they? 😉

the power of tradition

traditional tattoos

A very interesting initiative in Anchorage, AK, where a local museum organised workshops focused on traditional tattooing. Ignorance leads to prejudice and not knowing your own cultural background makes you feel inferior and out of place. As always, knowledge is power (and fun!).

books-related tattoos

Words have power, too, as these tattoos focused on lyrics and literary characters show!

around the world

facial tattoos discrimination

An interesting piece of news from New Zealand where a young guy was refused an entry into a bar because of his facial tattoos. Much uproar it caused but it was even more interesting to watch how the situation developed – fighting against stereotypes, Human Rights Commission not supporting the man’s claim, finally a fake/ or not reply of the owners of the bar involved. What will be next? Personally, the solution? Kill’em with kindness, one act of kindness, class and profesionalism at a time.

Katrina tattoos

Remembering the Hurricane Katrina by means of tattoos as shown by a professor from UT. He said some interesting things on the subject, too!

Katrina tattoos 2

Q&A with Lars Krutak – a good read!

Q&A with L. Krutak


An interesting photo story in the June edition of the Polish NG: Bodi tribe from Africa and their aesthetics!

Bodi tribe

Videos available on YT sheds a lil more light on their life and customs:

Strange? Perhaps but it’s fascinating and great that there are still so many different cutures and ways of life out there. It’s something to cheriish as this diversity has been on decline.

news, news, news …

Baby ear piercings, especially these done by means of a piercing gun, have been considered a form of barbarity in the body modification community. The mainstream seems to be catching up, too, judging by the petition aiming on banning the baby ear piercings. Some people consider it the right move, for others it seems ridiculous. s long as it makes ppl stop and think a little …

It’s this time of the year … A new dress code for the Chicago police officers requires them to cover their tattoos while on duty.

Savoonga artist

Finally, a very interesting project trying to revive the traditional forms of tattooing in Alaska! And this old article on the subject is also worth reading!

not just skin deep …

beauty is ...

it’s a common phrase used to describe tattoos – beauty is more than skin deep … true and trivial as it is, all of us may prove this statement true. A new photography project, by Niall Patterson, shows people who not only look beautiful but are also able to articulate their thoughts pretty well! Funny that a big cosmetic company goes for a similar thing in their new campaign “I’m beautiful because …

jestem piekna bo ...

The History of Tattooed Women” lectured in NYC!

Finally, an interesting article from SA about tattoos on dark-skinned Africans!