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tattoos and an old age

Recently I came across two texts focused on aging and found it amazing how they differed in perspective.


The first one was published on and was focused on older (as in ‘really old’) models in the fashion industry. Apparently it’s a growing trend and some older models look quite stunning (although I do suspect some Photoshop was involved here!) . The other one was a string of pictures of old people with tattoos (among others there was Isobel Varley featured) but the main point of the text wasn’t about self-expression or ‘you’re never too old …’ but rather about this eternal and silly question of tattoos and old age (as if having no tattoos at all made us immune to the aging and sagging process!).


The subject of ridicule in this Australian text reminded me of Herbert Hoffmann, a legendary figure of the European tattooing, and his life portrayed in a documentary ‘Heart in Flames’! There’s quite an unusual focus on old body in this documentary and yet it never makes you cringe or wonder if this guy regrets his tattoos. He’s just full of life and stories!


As the saying goes, it’s better to regret things you’ve done in your life than the things you’ve never had enough courage to do! ! 

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