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a girl with fake earrings and some other goodies

A little anniversary for starters: the electric tattoo machine patented 120 years ago!

An interesting conference devoted to tattoo history in Vatican of all places! Pretty cool, isn’t it? Another university project described by BBC: ‘Dundee tattoo project’ as a means to help identify bodies.

News from India: tattooed men can’t join the Indian army now.

As a big fan of the Millennium trilogy and Lisbeth Salander herself I’m looking, both impatiently and uneasily, forward to watching the American version of the book. It certainly creates a buzz online; this one, ‘rebel leader,’ is more interesting, though, thanks to an interesting pair of fake spirals now on sale for those who’d like to copy the American Lisbeth’s looks. I’m not sure if it’s absurd, funny or just plainly pathetic.

Finally, a short string of examples of ‘modified charity’: Kenya, American Red Cross and a calendar for a cure.

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