the whole Poland gets inked … like really?


A surprising article on tattoos in modern Poland in today’s Wyborcza (a major daily newspaper in Poland). The subject covered so-so, of course, but at least it gives some much needed positive publicity to tattoos as a form of body art and a way of self-expression. The author briefly compares prison tattoos and modern tattoos to point out differences and, in a way, fight against the negative stereotypes (although ;fight’ is a way too big word here). Rather shallow as a whole and a lil absurd at times (the title included) but at least it’s here to read for people who usually don’t have much to do with tattoos.

The text ends on a rather positive note:



looks like in a few decades we will have a whole generation of nicely ‘painted’ old people

and just when some feeble hope started getting into my dark heart, I went to the comments section only to read such opinions as ‘tattooed people = criminals, thieves, primitives’ ‘tattoos went out of fashion long time ago’ or ‘people get tattooed out of boredom or stupidity.‘ To all people expressing such opinions I’d say ‘if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all, otherwise you just show who is really primitive here!’ 😛