museums and meanings


Tattooed New York” is a new exhbition in NYC. It’s fcused on the history and tradition of tattooing and the role NYC has played in the art and industry. Sounds def. interesting!

Another museum and tattoos in Mexico; since there’s still no fence on the border … yet 😉


The tattooed mumies from Siberia!


Finally, a modern and touching story of personal tattoos!

Either you get it or you don’t!

It’s been a great treat to watch the IAAF Championship competitions in Moscow (on TV that is ;)); with the event coming to an end, here’s a slide show featuring some of the athlete tattoos. The question of athlete tattoos and copyrights is discussed here.

Also sports-related but on a sad note: the photo project ‘Bled for Boston.’

Nike’s been having a really bad luck this year – first their misfired slogan for Pistorius, then their failure with the Boston Massacre shirt, and now reactions to the tattoo-inspired apparel line also turned out not the way they expected! Obviously, it’s not about market and profits, eh?

People’s take on tattoos: a pastor devoted to (Iron) Maiden, a huge fan of the ‘Twilight’ saga, Larry da Leopard, tattoos at a more advanced age than you may think and another map tattoo.

Scott Campbell!

Para-medical tattoos.

Tattoos and their meanings!

People’s reactions to tattoos and one person’s replies – a pretty good and funny one.

From ‘Down Under’ an article about stretched lobes (reconstruction) and another one about tattoos at work.

new pieces of news

Last weekend was spent on running my 6th half-marathon, so the only tattoo I got to see there was my own massive (and running-oriented) calf tattoo. Now I’m back in the game.

How to check if you are tired?  A temporary tattoo packed up with sensors may be used for that quite soon.

Interesting artists: a master of realistic tattoos from Sweden and another one good at portraits.

A special guest at Venezuela Tattoo Expo 2013: Matt Gone.

When life gives you lemons … an elderly woman has no hair but she got an impressive scalp tattoo instead!

Russian prison tattoos.

Straight from NYC a book for kids focused on tattoos.

Celebrity news showing that it’s not smart to get a tattoo of someone you are in love today and but will break up with in a few: Kat Von D’s tattoo’s being removed now.

Finally, Horiyoshi the Third turning into Horiyoshi the Thiiird and using his design to create a clothing line.

here and there

A rare gem in the newsfeed this week: an article on ear stretching and it’s on the BBC’s website at that!

Also from the UK and sprinkled with the British humor: ‘98% tattoos using Chinese characters are actually insults.’

This weekend it’s tattoo convention time inAuckland, New Zealand, so here’s an interesting article on the subject: ‘tattoo traditions leave a mark.’

Also from that hemisphere is an article discussing the dark side of the industry: ‘Queensland tattoo industry and link to bikies.’

The Washington Post posted an article discussing the modern Iraq and its youth who’s creating their own American image by means of music and tattoos.

The finances-stained side of the industry: Nike’s going to produce jackets inspired by a certain football player’s tattoos while Ami James will strike again with his NY Ink.

before the date change

New year is right around the corner but there are still old worries and then also new concerns:

With the crisis still worrying Americans, no wonder they ask such questions as ‘do tattoos and piercings create negative impressions?’ and think if ‘body art [is] painful for job seekers.’

A new year usually also means some price raising and that’s what probably will happen in MO where ‘the state seeks to raise tattoo license fees.’ There are tattooers, though, that are able to find a bright side in the project. Their concerns and worries also share tattooers from New Zealand who want the law to be changed to protect customers.

Good Christmas spirit still present in an article about ‘a noble gesture to help homelss animals’ and another one about a guy who loves Christmas a lot!

Finally, one in Spanish: ‘Arquelogia Mexicana dedicates an issue to body adornment’ – this certainly sounds very interesting!

Happy new year to everyone out there!

fashion, rankings and some other stuff

I haven’t found this in English yet, so let’s use it in Spanish (and it’s been a long time since I linked to anything Spanish which reminds me that I should work harder on this language): Scott Campbell will collaborate with Louis Vuitton brand.

Also fashion-related (although it seems that this clothing line lost on publicity): ‘rebel style’ is popular in Philippines now and the Miami Ink guys can expect a few bucks more in their pockets.

Some people show off their body art while others must/ need to/ have to hide it: ‘work zone and possible problems in white-collar jobs’ and a dress code from one of American high schools.

The top 10 most tattooed American cities ranking shows, however, that tattoos are still strong.

An interesting one from Time magazine: soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and their tattoos.

Some other interesting ones: ‘Maori tribesman in Colchster, UK,’ A German professor collecting old tattoos and using them for scientific purposes, ‘ink for a cause’ introducing an energetic, enterprising and tattooed woman, a biography of a tattoo artist known as Phill Sparrow, ‘common tattoo beliefs debunked’ an article about the HanziSmatter blog, local LA tattoo artists showing their anger at BP and the American government and a tattoo(ing) Cinderella (an unemployed Pole gets some government money and opens his own tattoo shop!)

cops, people, needles

Since the Canadian police investigation caused much uproar last week, let’s start with an article stating the good news: ‘police and health unit: no charges in labia reduction surgery.’ The article is also interesting because the authors let the owner of the shop in question speak about the issue (and if you look around, click on the link to the shop’s website etc., you’ll see that they more than ‘pretty reputable’).

On pins and needles defending artistic expression’ discusses tattoo bans that were around not that long ago and provides the readers with some interesting historical trivia.

A handful of articles about tattoo artists: a documentary about Don Ed Hardy, a Milwaukee, WI-based artist and another one about a local guy from KS. To end it on a celebrity not, here’s a short one about Herbert Hoffmann.

Soldiers and tattoos are almost like policemen and donuts and here we have two articles to prove it: ‘tattoos of love and war for US Marines in Afghanistan’ and an Australian one about an Anzac tattoo (and no one can say that running this lil blog is not educational – I learn new things about the world pretty much everyday thanks to it! ;))

Two articles about tattoo conventions: Phuket’s Tattoo Fest and waltzing on wild side at Vienna Tattoo Festival.

For those in CA, a heads-up on an interesting exhibition featuring work by quite well-known tattoo artists: ‘Black and Gray Affair.’ And Canadians should probably know that these days ‘Edmonton is the tattoo capital of Canada.’

Two somewhat lighter articles show a guy who’s going to attempt to break the world record for most body piercings in one session and quite a lot of  geekiest comic book tattoos.

warning needed when I’m getting reflective?

Tattoos, and body modification in general, becoming more and more mainstream is not a new trend, of course, but it’s definitely one of favorite topics to write about for journalists. Here we have an example from CA where journalists talk to the local tattoo artists and stress the obvious yet again: ‘TV, celebrities give tattoos high profile.’

TV is an important factor here and this short article about Karen E. Olson, the author of ‘Tattoo Shop Mystery’ series, shows it quite nicely. I haven’t read her second ‘tattoo mystery’ yet (although I didn’t like the first one much), so I can’t say anything about it but her own words on the reasons behind having gone for such a series are quite telling: “The editors were looking for a tattoo shop mystery, because of the shows on TV. I decided I would try it.” Is it how body modification becomes cheaper and shallower?

The ‘emotional’ trick in the context of tattoos is used not only by TV people; it’s also, unsurprisingly, newspaper and other media people. Here we have a sort of new series started by a CT newspaper: ‘Tat Tales’ with one such a ‘tale.’ I can admire the girl and her fight against her serious disease but since I’ve already seen such stories on TV and read them both in the newspapers and in books, I am not even moved much. Again, it’s kind of sad that the exploitation of body modification for a meager profit and short-lived popularity stats is so common these days.

On a way different note, here you have an English  ‘summary’ of the articles about the Polish sniper dismissed from the army since his tattoos made him unable to serve, ‘5 incredibly stupid tattoos’ and ‘Harry Potter tattoos.’

Something very interesting for dessert, though: ‘Defining moment: refining the art of criminal identification’ about a French policeman who started using tattoos as a way to identify criminals in the 19th century France!

law, work and exotic

Law-related ones go first: ‘tattoo law could help blood centers’ in IL, more regulations in Sacramento, CA and the age and permission issues in ‘tattoo permission measure clears House.’

Work-related: ‘eye of the beholder – can employers discriminate on physical appearance?’ and ‘tattoos at the workplace.’

A touch of exotic in articles about tattoos in Thailand, Malaysia and India plus one mediocre one (but it’s from Namibia which makes it interesting enough) asking if ‘tattoos are a religious statement or a rebellious trend.’

NonEnglish: one about using traditional Filipino calligraphy in Spanish and one in Polish about ear tattoo trend.

brands, records and t-shirts

Branding isn’t featured often in the online newspapers, so this one, ‘a different brand of body art,’ is worth some attention; not to mention that it’s a good opportunity to remind of a huge figure in the body modification movement (if there is any), Fakir Musafar.

The southern hemisphere represented by two articles on two different subjects: serious problem about rising number of backyard tattooers in Australia and another one about cultural differences experienced by New Zealand athletes visiting Japan.

The topic of Church and tattoos appears again: a bit more info on the English vicar who’s a fan of tattoos (previously mentioned here) and a German article about a local church in Hamburg using temporary tattoos as a way to attract people (as they said, ‘church can be fun!’).

Body modification and world records (or just attempts at them): the most pierced man in the world (interestingly enough, no word about Elaine Davidson) and a failed attempt at world record in CO (noble reason behind).

 Something lighter to end today’s post: Pink’s new clothing line inspired by tattoos (how original!) and a few Harry Potter tattoos.