behind the tattoos

I enjoy stuff that makes me think, question, ponder. And here we have a few things along these lines:

pastor and tattoos

Should your pastor have tattoos?‘ is not as pointless a question as one may think. It’s about being an individual despite being a leader of a flock, it’s also about taking fragments of the Bible totally out of context and using them as we please. Should a priest have tattoos, too? A very interesting, open-minded and inspiring pastrix is heavily tattooed and yet she worships God as best as she can, so why not?

women and their tattoos

The reasons women get tattooed – again, worth reading as it may make us think on our own reasons and how we fit bigger patterns.

tattoo life book project

Finally, an ordinary guy trying to create something extraordinary – ‘Tattoo Life’ book project!


female beauty

An interesting slide show of sort on the Huff Post but isn’t it a bit boring that such shows are pretty much always focused on women? Something that’s supposed to be celebrating the female beauty etc, becomes yet another way to objectify women and turn them only into pretty/ “pretty” lil things.

I wouldn’t mind a similar slide show focused on males! 😛

not just skin deep …

beauty is ...

it’s a common phrase used to describe tattoos – beauty is more than skin deep … true and trivial as it is, all of us may prove this statement true. A new photography project, by Niall Patterson, shows people who not only look beautiful but are also able to articulate their thoughts pretty well! Funny that a big cosmetic company goes for a similar thing in their new campaign “I’m beautiful because …

jestem piekna bo ...

The History of Tattooed Women” lectured in NYC!

Finally, an interesting article from SA about tattoos on dark-skinned Africans!

love and other feelings

parents' tattoos

Tattoos as a distinct sign of something wrong with you? Hardly in this story about loving parents who decided to get red spots tattooed on them to make her daughter feel she belongs! Awesome story!


Don’t judge others – a ‘dirty biker’s’ response to a harsh but very superficial judgement!

Funnily enough, there is also a story about a FB page called ‘your tattoos make you a horrible mother.’

nice gif

Satirical in tone, 9 misconceptions about people with tattoos; some nice pictures included.

An interesting read – ‘black ink and the politics of tattoos, race and gender.’

cool temp tattoos

Vegetable tattoos – permament and temporary.

ear stretching

Stretched ears and the usual when and why.