(not only) Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Obviously a big deal as with all other Friday the 13th’s, so there’s no wonder that so many tattoo shops decided to use this opportunity to play with it. It’s quite cool that some Polish shop(s) did it, too, and with a good cause in mind at that!

More about Scott Campbell’s tattoo performance!

literary tattoos

Literary tattoos are always a good choice IMHO, so take a look at these suggestions (altho I’d never use any of it – I have my own favs).

Berber women's tattoos

Finally, a wonderful idea and lots of hard work put in this tattoo book!

a few contexts

I love posting about tattoos in many different contexts as it shows the best what a complex and fascinating issue tattoos are. As Epictetus said, “men are disturbed not by things, but by their opinions about things” and it’s very true in case of tattoos!

OK dress code thing

Tattoos in the workplace again, this time in OK where tattooing was legalized only in 2006. Hard to imagine, actually!

tattoos for a cause

Tattoos for a cause show how sensitive, involved and ready to help out many tattooed ppl are! It shouldn’t be forgotten!


Scott Campbell an his new artistic endeavour in a one-man installation and performance of sort. Tattoos and art have met and started to thrive ages ago!

Weird-ish but interesting anyway: biohacking and LED implants, and a German guy with most flesh tunnels on his face (but you don’t really need to remove pieces of flesh to get your tunnels in!).

Not so simple, not so black-and-white, so maybe it’s better to see tattoos in the right, broader context?

complex stories behind tattoos

refugees' tattoos

For or against refugees? Above all, we should see people like us in them, so I think it’s a really good idea to show some of the refugees’ tattoos and tell, very briefly, about stories behind these tattoos. Suddenly, refugees aren’t just nameless intruders but people with stories, background, families, past and present traumas, overall worth to be welcomed and helped. A bit in the same vein are these traditional tattoos on Kurdish women.

Tattoo art hitting the auction block‘ shows the work so good that it’s considered Art!

Ausdruck der Personlichkeit

Jochen Auer, the founder of the Wildstyle and Tattoo Messe – an interesting interview.

Finally, for all of us who kind of think that looks really matter – how to dress to complement our tattoos. Not surprisingly, black is always a good color! 😉

let’s try to be color-blind!

what's underneath

The Guardian published a cool slide show of heavily tattooed ppl with and without clothes . And even tho not all the bodies shown here are stellar according to today’s standards, that’s not important. I absolutely love how words and tattoos tell these ppl’s stories and show that tattoos are so much more than the narrow-minded ppl usually think!

Justin Trudeau

The same goes with the tattooed country leader buzz now as is it really such a big deal that a failry young PM has a tattoo? Does it change anything about him? His skills and political instinct (and his family ties which are important in this “scene”, let’s be honest about that!) are unaffected by his tattoo “blunder,”, aren’t they? This article sharing the Haida leader’s thoughts on the subject is actually more interesting!

Vladimir Franz

And he’s not the only one plitician with a tattoo, of course and it can be even taken to a way higher level as Vladimir Franz (altho he’s not a politician per se) showed us a few years back!

As usual, let’s stay open-minded and pay attention to things way more important than a piece of colored skin 😉

false assumptions

A recent study claims that tattooed ppl tend to be more (verbally) aggressive. It’s a terribly simplified claim when you take a closer look at reasons ppl get their tattoos and how ppl tick in general. Women celebrating their bodies after mastectomy and increasingly adorning their bodies do that due to their inner agression? Parents getting their children’s drawings tattooed on them do so to channel their anger? The claim that “when these individuals experience a negative emotional event, they may be more likely to react by pursuing an act that is seen as defiant. The act of tattooing is perceived as rebellious, or more generally tattoos themselves can signify defiance or dissent.” is ridiculous as there are millions of other, non-tattooed ppl who channel their verbal agression and anger in way more negative and socially unacceptable ways. But the headlines sound cool and they stick around, so here we have yet another stereotype in the process of being formed.

ex-teacher's story

I totally know what it’s like. Sadly, it really happens! And it’s also based on an assumption that tattooed ppl are somehow inferior to the so-called normal ppl.

facial tattoos

Sth a bit different but also containing “cool” key words such as “shock,” “upset,” “terrified” etc. – facial tattoos on BBC.


Brian Switek's tattoos

It’s not like I know the guy in question or anything but, seeing how I have a tour guide around the dinosaur park stunt in the job department under my belt and I really like books by him, I was quite excited when I came across this piece in which Brian Switek, a science writer for National Geographic, shares his thoughts on tattoos and, you guessed it, dinosaurs! Tattoos reflect our passions after all! A good read! 🙂

around the world

facial tattoos discrimination

An interesting piece of news from New Zealand where a young guy was refused an entry into a bar because of his facial tattoos. Much uproar it caused but it was even more interesting to watch how the situation developed – fighting against stereotypes, Human Rights Commission not supporting the man’s claim, finally a fake/ or not reply of the owners of the bar involved. What will be next? Personally, the solution? Kill’em with kindness, one act of kindness, class and profesionalism at a time.

Katrina tattoos

Remembering the Hurricane Katrina by means of tattoos as shown by a professor from UT. He said some interesting things on the subject, too!

Katrina tattoos 2

Q&A with Lars Krutak – a good read!

Q&A with L. Krutak


stand against

With so many ppl being anti-multi-culti now, it’s actually refreshing to see someone who supports tolerance and open-mindness by means of tattoos (or not).

Nicely said, too!

stand against 2

Inspiring quotes to get done as tattoos. Powerful as they may be, it’s always better to choose something that’s more personal than an online recommendation 😉

inspirng quotes


epa04786477 An Israeli hanging on hooks performs the Suspension (body modification)   during the annual Israel Tattoo Convention in Tel Aviv, Israel, 06 June 2015. The event took place for the third time featuring the best tattoo artists of the country.  EPA/ABIR SULTAN

epa04786477 An Israeli hanging on hooks performs the Suspension (body modification) during the annual Israel Tattoo Convention in Tel Aviv, Israel, 06 June 2015. The event took place for the third time featuring the best tattoo artists of the country. EPA/ABIR SULTAN

An interesting tattoo convention in Tel Aviv, Israel.

tattoos and blood donations

tattoos among factors blamed for a significant drop in blood donations in the UK and across the world.

young and talented

A promising local tattoo artist from the US.