My Little Pony update


A small update as I’ve just come across an update on the My Little Pony tattoo event that apparently grew to nation-wide dimensions (in the US that is) and more and more both shops and people are getting involved. Michael, the bullied boy, is still fighting for his life but he’s got more help and support and that’s good. His website was just launched on the web!

of course, tattoos as a means/ way of support  are possible only in a country where tattoos are very popular and not overly stigmatized anymore. Hopefully, My Little Pony tattoos will help not only the bullied boy but also the tattooed people themselves as it definitely makes them look friendlier and more human 😉

you can praise the Lord with tattoos, too!


Job seekers still have to hide their tattoos’ says this article and there really is sth to it. According to the article, the USA is kind of divided in this regard: “On the West Coast, the tattoo lifestyle is extremely strong, and it’s supernormal,” […] “On the East Coast, it’s strong. Probably the central states are more like an issue.” “We know that tattoos and piercing represent an important mode of self-expression, and we don’t want to stifle that, as long as they’re not considered offensive,” says Jackie Ferman, a spokeswoman for Children’s [Hospital in St. Louis]. “I’m sure it’s a relief for a lot of people.” Oh yeah, it sure is! 😀

Despite the possible problems that go together with being tattooed, apparently ‘more people are getting tattooed.’

More tattoos, especially these people don’t pay much thought to beforehand, means more bad quality body art. It can either get lasered off or covered up and here we have another opportunity for the entertainment biz – America’s Worst Tattoos show is about to start its second season on TV. (the video below is a lil old-ish, though).

I may be a little cynical and disillusioned when it comes to the ways the modern world works but I’m still sensitive enough to love articles I dubbed ‘modified charity.’ Here’s another one: the 13th annual tattoo-a-thon in San Francisco with profits going to the local Children’s Hospital. The shop that stands behind the event promotes tolerance and acceptance and is all for a friendly atmosphere!


Scott Campbell and his art projects!

Tattoos and religion: ‘tattoos reign in Israel,’ temporary Bible tattoos and tattoos as a tool for Christian ministry. The Christian God has always been about including and reaching out to the social outcasts; it’s only his followers who started to exclude these who didn’t fit their imagined God’s image 😉

Bled for Boston tattoo project!

Nothing embodies daily struggles, iron will and mind over matter better than runners! We are strong, self-disciplined and energetic. and we are also lean and mean machines which makes us also very cool 😉

The Bled for Boston project by Christopher Padgett combined running and tattooing amd made it a symbol of strong will, courage and selflessness as thanks to running and tattooing it was possible not only to help those who suffered last year but also show that evil with not prevail!

The video below is a lil old but it’s quite touching as it shows real people behind the tattoos!

losing the edge?

A leading motif in today’s update as it seems! Interesting, however, how limited is the info and images we get in the mass media!

Rihanna and her tattoos will be proudly featured in the March issue of the Vogue magazine. Will they mention that Rihanna got at least one cover up which means that she wasn’t really satisfied with her tattoo(s)? She looks glamorous and rebellious in a tamed way, so why not to show how original *not* she is?


Colin Kaepernick and his wonderfully fit and ripped body is featured in the video below. He’s proud of his tattoos and media also use his image to get some clicks and better rankings.

But when celebs flaunt their ink and inspire ordinary people to get some, too, will they try to warn those poorer than them about the risk and price that go with cheap tattoos? ‘botched tattoos‘ and ‘unlicensed shops‘ (two different countries in this case but it goes further, of course). And let’s not forget about the infamous piercing guns and the risks that go with them.

It’s all about being smart, patient and educated. It’s cool to kow that you can discuss tattoos and dress code related to them in school settings.

With the tattoos so omnipresent now and with their meanings narrated, explained and discussed about, now it’s time for a pendulum swing: ‘getting a tattoo has lost its edge,’ ‘only cool tattoos survive’ and ‘the existential anguish of the tattoos.’

Before tattoos lose their edge completely, however, let’s use it for a bank ad!

It’s a multifaceted subject, though, and that’s why I’m in for good! 😉

With tattoos you can change your image and solve your problems in many ways: ‘cosmetic tattoos a growing trend among Japan’s senior citizens,’ ‘it’s never too late to get a tattoo,’ ‘tattoos help breast cancer survivors’ and – a sign of time – Getty Images presenting new images of women, a.o. also these with tattoos and other body modifications!


Tattoos also equal big money coming from the entertainment industry: ‘Tattoo Titans’ is a new Ink Reality TV show but Ink Master is also going strong. Pretty cool video below:

And here 3D ‘tattoos’ that turn out to be ‘just’ very cool examples of body painting skills (Hikaru Cho and Znag).

and yet tattoos can still be meaningful ;)

Memorial tattoos were so exploited by the *in*famous Ink Reality TV that for a while it seemed pretty much all the tattoos created out there just either had to be memorial ones or at least have some profound meaning. But ‘memorial’ tattoos can still be real:


A short article about friendship that is stronger than death itself. In the end, tattoos are not evil; they are many things – they can express who you are, they can give you strength, they can mark important events in your life and they can also help you deal with a loss that seems too big to endure.

And another one about not being afraid to make one’s dream come true and start living to the fullest at any age: a 59-year-old lawyer who not only started travelling around the world but also wearing the world on his shoulders back!


A video showing some of the lawyer’s adventures:

Other cool map tattoos you can find here!

tattoos can make a difference, too!


The article about an 11-year-old boy who wanted to commit suicide because he was bullied for what he likes – My Little Pony toys – struck a cord! No one should be bullied or persecuted for what they like or believe in! A big thumbs-up then for the tattoo artists from this shop who decided to step up and support the boy: ‘boy inspires mean lookin guys [to get] My Little Pony tattoos.’

As one of the tattooers said: “Tattoos are about freedom of expression. Michael should have been free to like My Little Pony if he wanted to.” Amen to that, eh? 🙂

On a similar note, today I came across an article about another alone/ friendless boy who’s going to turn 11 soon. His Mum decided to create a FB page (and this time no words from me about FB, promise!) to show him that he has loads of friends from all over the world after all. If anyone who reads this wants to help, then you can either go and visit Colin’s FB page or send him b-day wishes via post (his address is on his FB). I and my little and awesome niece are definitely going to send best wishes Colin’s way! 🙂

tattoos = accessories???

There aren’t many things out there that make me raise my eyebrows. This one did! An article about a fashion magazine convincing a few of its readers to get tattoos of stylized portraits of current top (tomorrow gone) models makes one wonder what this is all about!


As the article states, the photographer standing behind this project’s aim was “challenge fashion’s fleeting nature by creating an editorial built around a permanent form of art: tattoos.” I have never heard about the model called Karlie Kloss and the other one, Cara Delevigne, is known for her tattoos which she allegedly loves and keeps making headlines for getting new ones pretty much all the time. Is it really about love for tattoos or rather more about trying to grab as much of people’s attention as possible? If she really loves tattoos so much, does she give enough thought to her new projetcs or she just goes with the flow and gets the ink without much consideration for anything? Does she think about a message she sends to young people, girls mostly, by means of her reckless actions? In the future she might be lucky to be able to afford tattoo removal while some of her followers might get stuck with ink they will have grown out of. The other models who took part in the project, Rosie Hungtington-Whitley and Georgia May Jagger, also can be big names now but, with the speed the modern pop culture swallows, digests and spits out its ‘heroes,’ they won’t be remembered by many very soon.

The tattoo artists behind this ‘fashion project,’ a.o. Scott Campbell and Dr. Woo, are big and hot names both in the tattoo world and pop culture. They can be happy to be part of such a project as it may help fight off the negative stereotypes about tattoos and really show that tattoos are a form of art. Shouldn’t they, however, also think about the skin they work on? There are living people behind this skin – people who perhaps made a not that wise decision of getting a tattoo without meaning, without much consideration, only to be noticed and included for a few minutes at best? Scott Campbell recently painted a beautiful work of art on his life partner, Lake Bell. It shocked some, raised eyebrows of others and caused lots of talking. The goal, whatever it was, was achieved and human skin was not hurt in the process. Why so permanent now then? (unless it’s a hoax, of course, but still, it’s worth some thinking!)

It seems that there’s a growing tendency to use tattoos as a way to advertise, encourage to follow, beocme a (not real) part of something seemingly big and important while in reality it’s just a temporary stunt! Not to mention that you can also trade your skin for concert tickets!

30 Seconds to Mars and One Direction asked their fans to get tattoos of the bands done in order to be a part of their new video/ movie – was it a good way to show their fans that they really matter to the bands? No but it made headlines and encouraged underaged fans to look for ways to get a tattoo, even if it meant breaking local legal regulations, risking infection or catching a blood-borne disease. Definitely not nice! And well, if your band is really that good and influential, you really don’t have to ask people to get tattoos; they just do because your music means something to them.

In another twist of tattoo art, a French tattoo artist Sebastien Mathieu, has tattooed onto bottles of whiskey! It’s definitely a very interesting idea and no human was hurt in the process but again, it makes you think how much the meaning of tattoos and our approach to it has been changing!

Let’s think! It started with people marking their bodies thousands of years ago in order to heal, include, make themselves look attracive or be members of a given tribe/ people. It had been like that for thousands of years, occasionally it was also a way to mark a criminal (like in Japan) or a fugitive slave (ancient Rome). Then the white, so-called civilized people came and took the concept of tattooing to use it as they liked it – freakshows, tattooed aristocracy, criminals. Then some members of the same ‘white people tribe’ took tattooing and used it as means to express their individuality, create their own aesthetics and maybe mark important moments in their own life. Tattooing is still used this way for/ by millions of people.

On the same time, however, tattooing has been robbed from its meaning and symbolism. Tattoos seem to be everywhere and yet they mean nothing. They are just fleeting images that are easy to get and even easier to get rid of, at least for those who have lots of money and are too high on their 15 minutes of fame to really understand what they are doing.

Times change and some of these changes are more than welcome. But there are changes that are very questionable and exploit both ordinary people and long traditions important to many cultures in the world.

BAF Calendar 2014

I love BAF! Before anyone jumps to any assumption that I’m paid for saying so, though, let me tell you why I love BAF! They have a huge selection of great jewelry and more, they are fast and reliable, they are more than ready to help you out if your order got lost in the mail and, above all, they seem to be really nice people. And that’s why I do love BAF!

BAF calendars have been a fixture for a few years now and they always offer not only beautiful pictures of modified people and good quality jewelry but also coupons to use while shopping on the site. Last year they published a calendar focused on suspension; this year it’s even better as it’s all ‘man meat’ featuring male body piercers.

BAF cover 2

The calendar is beautifully made, the pictures show people with a huge sense of humor and it’ll def. bring smile to your face more than once or twice. Plus you’ll be able to save some money if you decide to shop on the BAF website on certain days every month.


BAF Calendar 2014. Man Meat. Male Piercers Edition;

standing on the shoulders of giants*

I saved these links for a separate entry as people featured here are worth it!

Thom De Vita now in this article. I flipped through my copy of Don Ed Hardy’s book as I remembered he mentioned de Vita in there and sure enough, a few nice and warm words from him!


Lyle Tuttle, another pioneer, became the first tattoo artists who worked on all seven continents: Antarctic tattoos. Let’s also use this opportunity to shed some light on the spiritus movens of this fact: Anne Friedman who is an accomplished and heavily tattooed scholar (here a video of her ‘Recovering Western Tattooing’ lecture).

Finally Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand and her warm words about Sailor Jerry:

If he hadn’t done the things he did then, we wouldn’t be able to do the things we do now.”

A morsel of food for thought in this one where another tattooed scholar claims that ‘people always say the same things about tattoos.’


*The meaning and origin of the expression – it’s cool and true!