times and perspectives

evolution of tattoos

Loose observations on tattoos over time make you think how they were and are perceived and what they mean(t).

These days it’s way more about personal meaning(s) and perspectives, so no wonder ppl perceive tattoos in different ways, those shallow and even insulting ones: “things you get asked if you are tattooed” and “rude cashier.”

my tattoos, my stories

But we still attach meanings, memories and power to our tattoos – we are our tattoos, our tattoos are us.

Zombie Boy

Finally, a few days after the gig in question but it’s still good that Zombie Boy is still alive and kicking!

different forms

godna tattoo tradition

An interesting article from India discusses godna, a traditional form of tattooing which has been dying out – a sad reality for many tribal traditions all around the world.

On the other side of the world, “Inked,” a photo exhibit shows how strong the modern form of tattooing has been growing (relatively) recently.

What’s the answer for this “phenomenon”? Maybe the key is our own taste and self-expression? Whens something is regulated by the common norms, long traditions and social rules we are more prone to leave it behind while something that is “our own” deserves cherishing and opposing the others?

making a difference!

japanese geek tattoos

An excerpt from a new book on Japanese tattoos give sus a before taste of the whole thing! My copy is on the way and I’m def. looking forward to reading and, hopefully, enjoying it!

The more we know, the better for us, the more involved in local communities we are, the better for us, the better educated we are, the better for everyone – a local tattoo artist organizing a fund raiser to support a local school in the making! Sure, the slogan “tattooed and employed” is cool but a variation “tattooed, educated, employed” is even better IMHO!😉



Interesting findings suggest that obsidian tools were used to tattooing thousands of years aho on the Solomon Islands. It’s fascinating to watch how the modern science discovers by means of findings and experiments the acts of the ancient ppl, proving over and over again that tattooing is too serious and too important to various cultures aorund the world to dismiss it as a simple trend!

Frida Kahlo tattoos – a great woman, a talented artist, soemone who was courageous enough to have made her own look!

blood and dust

(extra)ordinary ppl with passion – “Blood & Dust” comic series and a related tattoo story!

against the false perceptions

A conversation atw ork today showed me how ppl tend to think that others’ tattoo decisions are shallow or made just for the show. The thing, however, is that – more often than not – we don’t know what reasons pplhad to get their tattoos done.

tattoo book for kids

A tattoo story book for kids showed it very nicely – every body tells a story and some of them more than one😉

Female pro cyclists and their own tattoos stories are very interesting to read, too.

the future is ours!


It’s just one country but there’s no doubt that more and more ppl all around the word are into self-expression. Sure, their desire to express themselves is not only internal as the majority is probably influenced by many external factors but still – more and more ppl are tattooed and that lets us hope for the better, less discrimantory future. Here a short text from Austria where almost 25% ppl are tattooed.


And the tattoo art has been eveloping in many interesting directions and that’s very promising, too. Is there anything huge and innovative about “double exposure tattoos“? Time will tell but at least it’s an interesting idea!

there’s a lot to express!

womens tattoos

A photo project “Women with Tattoos” shows what’s behind the colorful skin and what impact sucha  choice has on women. Great and interesting as it is, I think it would be awesome if similar projects concerned also males!

cool gesture

Because men have also a lot to express, share, deal with. This father’s gesture shows clearly that male tattoos are not only about boasting manliness or drawing ppl’s attention to muscles or trying to look tough!

I like this depth behind tattoos – with tattoos we never know!😉