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News from – the UK release of their TattooSourcebook at the Dublin tattoo convention.

Speaking of the conventions, ‘Tattoonesia’ convention was already mentioned here (in German mainly); this time the news about the Tahitian tattoo artist who won the top prize at the convention, in English for a change.

Two more articles added to the law category: ‘new blood regs affect tattoo parlors’ in NM and an interesting insight into the way city councils work in ‘chickens, signs and tattoos’ from South Portland, ME.

What would Christian God say about this one? ‘Tattoo parlor focuses on Christian body art’.

A streak of articles from Spain containing statistic data on tattoos in Spain and general information on the subject.

Obama is getting pretty popular in the media, and not only in the political context. Here’s Obama-related tattoos.

Something about body art and beauty: ‘Uncommon Beauty’ exhibit in VA and ’10 things irresisitible in men’ from India (quite obviously, body art is one of these things).

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