a few contexts

I love posting about tattoos in many different contexts as it shows the best what a complex and fascinating issue tattoos are. As Epictetus said, “men are disturbed not by things, but by their opinions about things”Β and it’s very true in case of tattoos!

OK dress code thing

Tattoos in the workplace again, this time in OK where tattooing was legalized only in 2006. Hard to imagine, actually!

tattoos for a cause

Tattoos for a cause show how sensitive, involved and ready to help out many tattooed ppl are! It shouldn’t be forgotten!


Scott Campbell an his new artistic endeavour in a one-man installation and performance of sort. Tattoos and art have met and started to thrive ages ago!

Weird-ish but interesting anyway: biohacking and LED implants, and a German guy with most flesh tunnels on his face (but you don’t really need to remove pieces of flesh to get your tunnels in!).

Not so simple, not so black-and-white, so maybe it’s better to see tattoos in the right, broader context?

New Zealand

tattoos and dress code in NZ

One could think that in a country so blessed with such a strong background of traditional tattoos, tattoos wouldn’t be so looked down upon. People are people, tho, so it’s not the case. As everywhere else, ppl’s perspectives on the subject vary and some are for, some against and some don’t really care. However, it’s still interesting to read how tattooed New Zealanders live and work, so here you have an article about the NZ workplace and tattoos.

Maori tattoos

Concidentally, German websites also ran some articles focused on NZ and tattoos, so take a look at this (some info on native New Zealanders between the lines) and also at a meagre few lines about Maori tattoos.

dress code issue again

patron issue

When I came across this ‘Ask Amy’ question, I was both amused and outraged. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand why ppl make such a big deal out of a few square cm of the colored skin on someone else.

dress code issue in WP

Maybe the change has been coming, tho? The Washington Post ran an article about a shift concerning tattoos at work. Sure, it’s been trumpeted before and it was (and probably always will be) countered by articles describing discrimination against tattoos. As always, tho – it’s us, the tattooed ppl, who should do our best to destroy the stereotypes and reach our hands to ppl like the Ask Amy guy to show them that there’s really nothing to be afraid of or be offended by.

an obstacle?

a dress code case

The headlines screamed this week! First there was this woman having passed a phone interview only to be dismissed after having revealed she has visible tattoos (what’s about this dream job thing, tho? looked better in the title?). and then the policemen being discriminated against if they have tattoos. How reliable these sources are? what we don’t know only because it looks better to simplify a case? No question that there is sucha Β thing as disciminating someone only because they have tattoos and have enough bad luck to run across narrow-minded people but things are usually more complex than it seems at first.

tattoos and plice force

One thing is true, tho:

good point

and now for something entirely different – maybe not all these reasons are that good but temp tattoos are fun anyway!



It’s not a secret that my approach to tattoos is not about ‘hey, nice ink, dude!) but rather ‘it’s totally interesting; let’s learn some more and look into it,’ so I’m all about reading and thinking about tattoos on many levels. Those who think about tattoos in one way only are totally mistaken IMHO and I love proving it over and over gain.

so… without further ado …

Swimming, like many other sports, focus on body and mind but it’s also a bit different as it exposes its practitioners in more than one regard. Tattoos in swimming may be something special.

A Polish one about tattoos and job market. Much has been said about this question already and even much more will be said in the future. Always interesting even if a bit pointless.

Medical alert tattoos – they save lives with some body mutilation thrown in for good measure! πŸ˜›

A new book on tattoos!

Vitiligo sounds deliciously Latin but it’s WAY more than that!

Tattoos in Hong Kong.

Varied and interesting enough? πŸ˜‰

don’t judge a book …

tattoo ban in Thailand

An interesting piece of news from Thailand where a local Ministry of Education is appealing to vocational schhols not to ban students with stretched lobes and tattoos due to their potential misbehaviors.

tattoo portraits

No wonder there are so many ppl out there who say ‘I’d love to have a tattoo but …’

As always, let’s live and try to change the stereotypes about us one good deed at a time.

poppish and audacious ;)

audacity and tattoos

Audacity and tattoos plus a few pieces of information about tattoos in general.

GoT tattoos

Game of Thrones tattoos – let’s not forget to read the books, so we could actually know more than nothing πŸ˜‰

Starbuck and their tattoos-related dress code.


Finally, 21 problems that allegedly all tattooed people have – this one’s in Dutch!