thou shall not …

When it comes to Catholic Church and body modifications, we often get to hear the *in*famous Leviticus quote and that’s it; this time one of the big fish in the Vatican pond decided to express his opinion on the subject and, as it seems, it’s definitely against ‘torn jeans and tattoos’ (links in German only so far).

As of today it’s allegedly safer to get tattoos done in Germany thanks to new regulations concerning the ink used to tattooing. In law-related news, there’s also a short article about an Indiana county trying to update their tattoo/body piercing ordinance.

Two German articles question the idea of body modification in general: ‘body cult or self-mutilation?’ (another one) while an article from Finland reveals that ‘tattoo may prevent anesthesia’, so young women should beware.

On a somewhat lighter note, tattoos on stars (special focus on Johnny Depp) and ‘kitchen ink’ – another one about food tattoos.