feminine touch

A tattoo convention in R.I. took place last weekend and the subsequent news coverage wasn’t as much about the actual event as about a winner of the Miss Tattoo beauty pageant, a young Canadian woman who has an interesting story behind her tattoos (more). Even more interesting are her own words when she states that she wants to present tattooed women in a positive, and very feminine, light, which is strikingly similar to Betty Broadbent’s goal decades ago.

Another one in the tattoo convention department is an article about Lima Body Fest 2008 starting on Halloween of all days of the year.

With the current state of economy being still very unstable, sooner or later there will appear a wave of articles about body art and jobs (just like the subject usually surfaces around the graduation time in the US). Here’s a small sample in this vein: ‘students with tattoos not worried about affect on future employers’ but we all know that the exact opposite approach is also possible.

Letters by readers make an interesting read up on their own and here’s an example: ‘Dear Harriette: body piercing wrong for preteen’ with a short follow up but a few readers.


For once I don’t have any problems with coming up with a title for the post – it’s really # 100 and my thanks go to the person who both inspired and encouraged me to play with it on my own and to other people who support me and make me smile very often.

Teary-eyed stuff aside, here’s the stuff I found the most interesting during last two days:

Two seemingly different tattoo conventions in New Zealand: ‘The first annual Comedy Tattoo Show’ and another, with stress being put on family, about ‘second tattoo show being bolder, better’.

From the same hemisphere the news focused on the Australian law: ‘Genital, nipple piercing ban for under 16s’.

More about body piercing from the UK: ‘body piercing danger – shock figures released’, ‘concerns over rogue piercers’ and ‘authority earns praise for its healthy approach to tattoos’.

Two articles from South America: one about photo exhibit displaying images of Mara members and a piece of news about the ‘Rio Ink’ show soon to be aired on local TV.

Nicely enough, there’s also an article in Dutch for this ‘special’ post: Henk Schiffmacher against dress code for the police (mentioned here).

Something broader than just law or dress code: ‘searching for the motivation behind dramatic body art’(ambitious task for a short article) and ‘tattoo mammas in Calgary’ about women and tattoos.

a mod for a vote

Since the US presidential election is huge in the news all over the world, I’m gonna start with ‘Election Day special: free body piercings’ from MO. Another in this vein would be ‘permanent patriotism: VFW holds tattoo contest’.

And since I always enjoy ‘people (and their tattoos)’ category, here’s one from NC, ‘Fayetteville Ink’.

Internationally, a German article about Drung people from China and an interesting article from the UK about ‘Skye Leopard Man changing his spot (of living)’.

It’s the first time I post anything about Lithuania here: ‘Tattoos no longer tell his life story’ about an ex-convict and his new life.

express yourself

An article from Nicaragua (in Spanish) for starters – new local tattoo magazine.

One can get tattooed, obviously, from many reasons – to show devotion (‘the Brew measures its fame by fan tattoos‘) or to support a good case (‘Adam sells advertising space on his arms’). Ow, and one can also support tattoos, especially if they are on firefighters (‘Brad Pitt speaks out in support of tattoos’).

This one is pretty good: ‘Tattoos that say ‘I’m a futuristic bad-ass’.

And a cool link from Bastian again: straight from Brazil!

health system, stimulus checks and finger tattoos

Finally some interesting articles from Germany: UV-tattoos again (but with a different twist than the last time!), a little more about the body art and health system in Germany and a short article about the German body art industry trying to regulate itself.

A piece of history in an article about Betty Broadbent, the tattooed Venus and another one about traditional tattooing in modern times from the Southern Hemisphere.

It’s not breaking news that tattoos and stimulus checks can go hand in hand; here’s a little reminder of it: ‘tattoos and Disney trips: how Americans spent economic stimulus checks’.

Finally something lighter: ‘finger tattoos yield no regrets’ is both funny and interesting, ‘getting a tattoo and getting it removed’ is told by someone who runs a tattoo removal business and a chance to win a tattoo by Louis Molloy.

Sunday news

More about dress code, not only in Joplin, MO but also in TX (the policemen affected again). It’s interesting to see that when people are forced to cover their body art, the writers’ opinion tends to defend those who are affected/forced to cover their tattoos; when it’s all about expressing ourselves/ personal freedom, the opinions are totally different and people argue how important it is to be professional.

Since the majority of articles about Steiner and Delvoye I posted on here were usually in German, here’s an English one published today in the Times.

Zoning businesses, tattoo shops included, from Detroit, MI.

Dragon Tattoo full of secrets’ is a book review; not very detailed, though. A German one, thrown in for good measure, briefly mentions tattoos on Star Trek character(s) (seems like they’re also full of secrets for now).

I noticed today that Google Poland finally has a Google News section but, sadly, tattoos and body piercing are pretty non-existent in the Polish news.

skin value

Two totally different approaches toward body art: ‘man offers his skin for tattoo practice’ and ‘tattoo artist taking permanent body art seriously’; not only mind is a terrible thing to waste?

A little more about, already mentioned, the Human Canvas exhibition in Australia (photo gallery included).

People and their tattoos: a Red Sox fan showing her pride and a football player proud of his Welsh heritage – in such cases even adamant tattoo opponents might have a hard time to call it a waste.

rules and funnies

Rules change for donating blood after tattoos’ from NM and two articles about new rules for body art from NY make for pretty good news. It’s really hard to understand, however, why you can’t donate blood if you were recently tattooed and yet this rule does not apply to ‘piercings’ done by means of piercing guns as this article from KS shows.

More about the rules: the latest news from Joplin, MO: ‘school board: no more visible teacher tattoos’ (more here).

A little more info on the recent news about two Indonesian men duped into getting facial tattoos (not sure how credible this ‘revelation’ is, though).

Travel-inspired tattoos’ make for an interesting, quite personal read but I found this ‘Japanese baths and tattoos’ article better.

Finally, two funny ones: ‘the 5 new Angelina Jolie tattoos’ kind of weirded me out (making up BS and getting paid for that?) and another one from Bastian – an English thief caught red-handed (or, rather, ‘red-neck inked’). It’s really like by the end of this year I should give out at least a handful of thank-you t-shirts 😉

interesting times

Since economy is such an omnipresent conversation topic these days, let me start with a short article, ‘splurging on tattoos at Muddy Waters,’ which describes not only a body art event but also mentions the influence of the current crisis on tattoo shops.

Law: ‘tattoo artists and body piercers in NM need new license’ (more).

Dress code issue tends to pop up on here quite regularly (maybe it’s me being biased – at work I’m covered from neck to toe, even during summer); this time it’s school settings: in MO ‘teachers’ tattoos to be part of dress code discussion’; here’s also a reader’s opinion on this: ‘voices: whose standard?’ I must say that this Leviticus quote is getting a little old and not only mis- but also too often quoted.

To prove my point (or not), here’s another example of the ‘Leviticus quote’ at work: ‘Bad ink?’ in VA.

Two interesting ones from NY: ‘Skin deep’ might be an overused title but this time the article is not about tattoos but scarification (rare topic in online newspapers); the author of this one tried to juxtapose tattoos and scarification and show how, to many people out there, scars are just a fad; I would definitely disagree with such a stand! On a sidenote, the guy portrayed in this article, John Joyce of Scarab Body Arts, has a really good reputation! The other one is ‘Stretched out’ with a focus on ear (lobe) stretching (another rare topic) but it’s not very good.

A couple of ‘lighter’ ones: the images of the pierced and tattooed people removed from the nursing home in the Netherlands are now between work of Theo van Gogh and Gregorius Nekschot; ‘a brief history of body art’ deals with Stephen Hawking in a pretty cool way, ‘picture question: would you get one?’ mentions yet another book on tattoos but with a funny twist and ‘celeb ink earns money for charity’ (Johnny Lee Miller’s tattoos worth $7.000).


An intellectual approach: ‘book on cultural roots of tattoos’ from the USA and ‘tattoo culture at the Dana Centre’ from the UK.

Gang tattoos and problems they caused at one of CA high schools.

A touch of the ordinary in a few articles about the local shops: ‘beauty to the bone’ from PA, ‘new tattoo shop emphasizes comfort, cleanness’ in IN, a shop with ‘original, customized approach’ in MO and ‘ink in blood’ from Canada.On a side note, higher gas prices were occasionally mentioned in articles about body art; I wonder now what impact the current financial crisis is going to have on the industry, especially when shops are located in smaller, less active and into towns.

Since October is a month of breast cancer awareness, two related articles: ‘’tattoos tie family bond’ and ‘tattoos for breast cancer donations’.

(Not that) useful tip(s) for back pieces in ‘tattoo back design – where are the good, quality back tattoos?

Also, interesting news from Indonesia: ‘(two men) duped into getting tattoos’.