raise, fight, profit or just enjoy…

Since the previous post linked to articles showing the industry in slightly ‘tainted’ light, today more ‘angelic’ side of the industy – its tendency for fundraising.

BMEzine vs. BME.com legal battle was already mentioned on here; their most recent clash is described here.

Wim Delvoye keeps appearing both on the web and on here quite often; he’s more than ‘just’ tattooed pigs, though, and this German article describes it quite decently.

Something for those who are interested in getting into the industry and becoming a tattoo artist – ‘the art of the tattoo’ contains some basic information on apprenticeship (although don’t expect a ‘how-to-do-it’ recipe!) while ‘lesson from mom: the art of the tat’ shows an easier route of a tattoo artist having been prepared for the job by his mom dearest.

The ‘trendy’ side of body art: ‘Boyzone get tattooed on TV’ in the UK (with hopes to promote their upcoming ‘artistic’ endeavors, of course) while in the meantime, across the Pond, web entrepreneurs are profiting from Obama mania (Obama tattoos, anyone?). In similar news, there’s ‘tattoo trends in Portland’.

People’s passions reflected in their tattoos sound kind of more authentic, so here are ‘Deep Sea tattoos’ and ‘Twilight tattoos’ (more info on ‘Twilight’).

To close today’s post, a strange case of dress code: ‘piercings keep husband of student out of dances’.