flavor of the weekend

A nice selection of articles this weekend:

Let’s start seriously: ‘tats law fine by me’ discusses reactions to the recent body piercing law in Australia and an article from CO shows local tattoo artists striving for tougher state regulations.

Cover up tattoos, some employees told’ is a summary of the recent dress code ‘cases’ across the US; obviously it’s not always about the workplace but also apartment complexes as this article from TX shows. And there’s also an article from Japan about ‘high school applicants rejected for nails, piercings’ and a German article about bold looks and work (thanks to Bastian, again).

On the other hand we want to believe that times change(d), so we also get a cheerful message about ‘tattoos going from maverick to mainstream’. In some circles attitudes definitely change, however, so I read with some interest an article ‘what is contemporary tattooing’; less interesting was ‘a new take on tattoos, body piercings’.

Tattoos going mainstream are also shown in a Dutch article ‘How Prison Break made tattoos ‘in’ again’ and, indirectly, in ‘mall-based tattoo shops set to invade NYC’.

On to more entertaining ones:

New Guiness world record in tattooing (turned out, it was for a good cause, too); ‘two-wheeling’ tattoos on avid bicyclists’, ‘Ink, not Mink’ PETA’s new action (I categorize it here only because of the celeb element in; otherwise, it’s a really serious issue) and ‘tattoos in Bollywood’.

Finally, a new book about tattoos in German – judging by this review it’s both about tattoos and football.