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Final post for this year, I think, but at least there’s a few good articles to link to and an entertaining one, too.

Let’s start with a little summary of 2008 according to – ‘increasing demand for custom tattoos.

As of January 1, 2009 a new law comes in effect in the Australian state Victoria; it’s supposed to ban nipple and genital piercings and other, considered as more extreme, body modification procedures for minors (here’s some insight from the piercers’ side).

Meanwhile, across the world, in the US, a just opened tattoo parlor in NE is facing social protests: ‘tattoo parlor gets under some Papillon folks’ skin.

Another one from Australia, ‘queue for the beauty that is more than skin deep,’ can be a good reminder to book this next tattoo appointment for the months to come.

Finally, some entertaining news (that also shows how small the Earth actually is) – David Beckham’s new tattoo worries his wife (and haunts the readers all over the world – versions in German, Dutch, Spanish).

fads and army stuff

Mentioned previously, the Tats for Toys initiative apparently ‘made for a big Christmas;’ just too bad the article isn’t longer and with some photos.

Landscape of the skin’ is a pretty interesting article featuring the older people and their tattoos – kind of ‘STFU’ for those who think that tattoos and piercings are only for teenagers and a clear sign of immaturity?

News from the UK: ‘tattooed, overweight and criminal record? Your country needs you…’ (another one). Comments are worth reading, too; quite telling that being overweight (a physical disadvantage?), having a criminal record (a social disadvantage?) and being tattooed (apparently both physical and social disadvantage) are presented here on the same level.

Serious issues aside, time for something funnier:

Bacon tattoos’ from CA and a European touch thanks to another trend from Germany (tattooed penises) and news from Siberia where ‘Putin tattoos (are) the latest fashion fad.

’tis the season and not much in the news

Holidays are slow news-wise but with a new year approaching fast we can expect quite a few summaries of 2008; tattoo-wise we may start with ‘eight biggest celebrity tattoos of 2008 (photos)’.

A little more interesting, at least to me, is a German article about ASCII-artmentioned previously but, obviously, it’s quite a trend in Germany now.

News of the weird: from sideshow to law school’ is about a guy changing his life path, still wearing traces of the past on his body. The story reminded me of other ‘freaks’ with good education: the Great Omi and, more current, the Lizardman.

A little ‘Christmas story’ to end this post: ‘underneath the pierced eyebrows and tattoos’ makes for a nice story reminding us that we should never judge people by the way they look but rather by the way they act.

FAQ and G/C

Temporary tattoos first: high-tech stuff and tattoos in advertising.

There are many reasons why we do what we do – ‘why people do the piercing’ tries to answer something you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask;)

This one, I’m sure, many people wanted to know and really were kind of afraid to ask – ‘how to change a captured bead ring’ (another, safer option would be relying on a professional).

The old, long-gone tattoo parlors were not only about tattooing but also about providing many other services – a CA-based tattoo shop tries to get back to the roots and create a place with the retro feel: ‘like peanut butter and jelly’.

With Christmas right around the corner, here’s yet another gift option: ‘tattoo gift certificate’ (this one’s from Milwaukee, WI, but many other shops all around the world use this route, too).

‘believe it or not’

Something ‘artsy’ for starters: ‘the price of art (is) a piece of flesh’ from Canada discusses tattoo-for-art trade, something worth at least considering (especially when it comes to getting tattooed something drawn/painted/etc by someone else). Another ‘artsy’ take on tattoos is painting detailed portraits featuring tattoos – a nice way to celebrate the beauty of tattoos.

An interesting article from Nigeria discusses whether ‘facial marks and circumcision’ should be outlawed or not – no matter what the Westerners think about it, both sides in this discussion raise some interesting and worth consideration points.

In the ‘risk’ department: ‘five points parents should consider before piercing their kids’ ears’ – even it looks all sensible and dandy at first, the author points in only one direction – piercing gun – which is *so not* a good option. ‘Hoover ink’ presents tattoos on a few local teenagers and their opinions on the subject. The comments on this one are worth reading, too.

This guy (official website) didn’t play any role at all in directing my own interests in body modifications but for many others he did the trick; here’s the news: ‘Ripley’s is 90 – believe it or not’. And maybe this piece of news would find its way into one of his books/ programs: ‘Man pulls car with his eyelids’.

gothic perspectives, fluffy dreams

With bad news about auto-makers slashing jobs left and right, economy is an omnipresent subject of conversation these days. No wonder then that the subject of job and mods popped out again: ‘body art and the recession: are job seekers covering up more?’ (the contents don’t live up to the expectations, though); another one is mainly people’s opinions and experiences: ‘getting job with tattoos’.

Something more positive: two people whose dreams came true and, accidentally?, both of them one way or another connected to the industry: ‘dream come true for tattoo artist’ from the UK and ‘local screenwriter’s dream finally comes true’ from PA.

Something definitely unusual is the idea one woman from PA got when she started marketing ‘gothic kittens’ (a little more about that). Sure, it’s not new to pierce/ tattoo/ brand animals but when it comes to cute-looking, fluffy kittens, you can sure like hell count on people’s indignation and protests.

hooks, law and some vibes

Suspensions appear pretty seldom in the articles written by ‘ordinary’ journalists, so it was a nice surprise to come across one from Australia: ‘hooked on body suspension’.

In the law department we have ‘teen’s tattoo leads to criminal charges’ which not only shows a local scandal but also sheds some light on regulations of the industry in NC.

Following the ‘local’ vein, two articles about local artists: the one based in NJ talks his passion for the job and his interactions with people while the other one recalls his hard childhood and will to share and spread Christmas spirit thanks to ‘toys for tats’ in TN (a similar drive mentioned previously).

Two unusual ones: ‘vibrating body jewelry’ and ‘pac-man tattoo’ (with a link to

almost an obituary

The news about Bettie Page’s death appeared a few days back but I’m posting about it only now; she looked stunning even by modern standards and tattoos of pin-ups looking like her will probably stay around for a long time in the future.

Interestingly enough, a piece of news about another death passed unnoticed and was buried so deep that I came across it accidentally only today: a few weeks back passed away Taiwan’s oldest tattooed Atayal woman (she was 110). This tattoo culture seems to be passing away right in front of our eyes and status of ‘living national treasure’ probably won’t fix anything (more about the Atayal).

Another article about the New Zealand woman who got ‘do not resuscitate’ tattoo done across her chest – this time with a picture of her and some personal details.

Something more cheerful with a gender twist: a female tattoo artist recognized and honored by Cambridge Who’s Who for excellence in tattoo art.

Finally, some ‘tattooed’ ‘eye candy’: ‘tattooed’ Michael Phelps on the cover of ESPN magazine.

beauty myths and personal choices

A few articles from Germany: ‘under the skin: history of tattoo cult’ is weak-ish but with a video, so at least you can watch a few short interviews; an article about ‘nerd tattoos’ (ASCII tattoos) is way more interesting and shows a few neat things; two others are kind of typical: tattoos on athletes and ‘5 most embarrassing Chinese tattoos’.

Way more interesting stuff from the US: ‘Tattoo’s last taboo’ discusses facial (and hand) tattoos; I found it very interesting and making a pretty good point! These days, when literally everyone and their grandma (even if not all grandmas look like Isobel Varley) have tattoos, their status is more complicated and ambiguous than ever before and somehow even those who claim to be ‘heavily tattooed’ are hesitant to cross the line of really visible work.

In a similar vein, although on a different note, too, an article about a book by Suicide Girls, ‘’Suicide Girls: Redefined Beauty’. And again, it would be way too easy to agree with the statement that Suicide Girls really redefined beauty canons – all you need to do is just look at them and notice that, tattoos aside, they’re still ordinary chicks who go for heavy make-up and body measurements that are so ‘in’ in the modern pop culture. In a way, Suicide Girls don’t really redefine beauty, they merely exploit the popularity of tattoos and other mods. Maybe you can live both in ultra pop and alternative worlds but how authentic it actually is?

A pretty interesting read is an interview with Pedro Alvarez, a tattoo artist from Mexico.

10 dumb questions to ask your body piercer’ was published on Chain Gang Body Jewelry website. Some of the questions seem way too dumb and obvious to actually ask them but one never knows – humans are capable of doing amazing/ ‘amazing’ things.

This article, however, reminded me of a few interviews Shannon Larratt did with people from the industry and which I had an opportunity to re-read not that long ago in his ‘Opening Up’ book. It’s something one should keep in mind – the industry may look glamorous and cool from the outside but a good insight into it shows a different world.

Big issues broached today, so another one to end this post: ‘making your mark’ from New Zealand starts in a standard way but turns out to be about an elderly woman who chose to have ‘do not resuscitate’ tattooed across her chest. Kind of powerful and brave statement and yet it might be ignored when her time comes.

going (too) mainstream

Let’s make it the last article about the Berlin Tattoo Convention – quite detailed a review with a title that says a lot: ‘bye bye tramp stamp’. And since Isobel Varley attended the event, here’s a very short article about her (she’s allegedly the most tattooed person in the world).

The idea of tattoo parlors as chain stores appeared on here last week but here’s another one from OK: ‘Tulsa tattoo shop finds home in shopping mall’; apparently they are getting ready for more than just one location.

Another one in a commercial vein: ‘gift ideas: ‘haircut and a half sleeve’. That’s an attitude!

News from India about the Ghanji movie (which is quite similar to/ based on ‘Memento’): ‘Ghanji tattoos brew trouble again’ (more details here). Pretty bizarre it seems.

Is there any chance for Wentworth Miller to be associated with any other show than ‘Prison Break’? Hard to say for now, so for Michael Scofield and his tattoos’ sake, here’s an interview with W. Miller where he discusses the show, tattoos and a few other topics.