books, shops, pigs

Two other books on body modification: an upcoming book about Kalinga tattoos (more about Kalinga tattoos) and the Australian ‘Puncture Kit’ aimed as a guide to body piercing and tattoos, written by a nurse.

Quite a few articles about tattoo shops: ‘tattoo shop facing opposition’ in Nashua, NH (a reputable, Precision Body Arts, shop based there is also mentioned), MN-based ‘Wingnut’ shop ‘featuring extreme body art’, the first tattoo parlor ever just opened in Noblesville, IN, and – for a change – a British tattoo artist facing legal problems due to operating unlicensed shop and news from Japan: ‘two men held over illegal body piercings’.

An interesting article from Pakistan doesn’t deal with body art per se but tattoos are an important element in paintings described here. Another article, with quite telling a title ‘Art is all around you’, is about a workshop on teenage cultural practices in Canada.

Wim Delvoye, or rather his pigs, again: a nice slide show in ‘Pigs tattooed in Beijing ‘Art Farm’.

The last one for today is about ‘blackberry tattoo’ in OH.