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the right wording, this certain time…

There must be something about summer that makes people go and get a tattoo and journalists go and write an article or two along the ‘think before you ink’ lines. So here we have ‘3 points to consider (before you get a tattoo)’ and ‘Getting a piercing or a tattoo? Do it right!‘ Since not everyone thinks before s/he inks, here are two articles about tattoo removal.

Maybe tattoos are not that well-perceived/received in business circles but you can still make some cash from them – Art Wear idea in Brunei was worth $3000. The idea itself is not really new, though, as there are already clothing brands using tattoos as their main motifs: Joker Brand, Bewild, Too Fast, Don Ed Hardy, Maybe One Day, Tattoo Golf to name just a few.

An interesting idea for an exhibition, sadly with not much information attached: Tattoos in advertising. And an action undertaken by an ID newspaper: Are you proud of your tattoos? If you are, consider sending some pictures their way (side note to myself: maybe I should do it myself? just for fun and to see what it’s all about!)

It’s not tattoos that make you cool, it’s you that make your tattoos cool: a profile of a wheelchair rugby player (tattoos mentioned only briefly but I liked the article and the guy’s attitude!) and a short article about an avid beach volleyball fan.

And finally, a ‘gem’ from MI – Let’s get ridiculous all the way!

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3 responses to “the right wording, this certain time…

  1. For people who want to help others remove tattoos, laser colleges exist to provide that sort of training. We’ve had some tattoo artists attend our training course so they understand how removal works. This helps them be able to give good advice to people getting tattoos.

  2. TIm

    The point of a tatoot is not to think about it when you get it.. just go drunk and get a sprawled out lady on your arm.. then you have a good story to tell in the AM when you wake up with a new wife and a tat on your arm.. less think .. more do.. 😛

    Cheers and keep up the good work!


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