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dress code from a different angle and a few other articles

Most of the time dress code just appears and gets forced upon people but, turns out, sometimes it also can be revoked, just like it happened recently in a town in MD – local policemen were forced to cover their tattoos while on duty but that’s not the case anymore – Right to bare arms! (more…) Maybe LAFD could use this route themselves?

Interesting data from FL and a few pieces of advice on what to look out for if you want to get some body modification done. Also, an article about a new tattoo and piercing shop in Antioch, IL that indirectly sheds some light on legal requirements to meet if you want to open/ operate such a shop.

A small coverage of the first Body Art Show at Navy Pier, Chicago, IL. A buddy of mine is attending the event which hopefully means some interesting pictures to see. In the meantime this article and a slide show to follow.

An article about growing interest in tattoos in India and yet another one about the Guantanamo tattoo shop to make the post more international!

And an interview with a Spanish tattoo artist and organizer of the tattoo convention in Valencia, Spain and a profile of an African American tattoo artist based in Tonawanda, NY – I really like these small, local touches in the articles focused on body art.

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