silly records, football and the law

Weekends are usually slower news-wise but let’s see…

Good news from the Elm Street Tattoo guy means not that good news for Kat Von D – apparently he managed to set a new tattoo record on Friday.

Germans like to write about football players and their tattoos – a just published interview with an Italian footballer who made himself *in*famous when he offended Zidane on the field discusses also his tattoos but you need to scroll down a little to get to this part.

Americans seem to write about soccer (read: football) way less often but here’s something that’s both about football and tattoos some fans are willing to get done to show their devotion to the sport.

A short article about attempts to regulate the industry in one of Californian counties (Keeping tabs on tats) and another one proving that even the internet is not free of hiccup – this article appeared online several weeks ago and since then there were a few reprints in several American online newspapers: trendiness doesn’t stop the judgments about tattoos, piercings – the survey. Bad news probably hasn’t reached India yet because over there they insist that tattoo mania grips the world.

And something to think about: is tattoo ink toxic?