risks, law and mods

Dress code, or at least some preferences in this regard, not only in CA; here’s a German article about aspiring policemen for whom visible tattoos might create a serious disadvantage during the recruiting process. As always, the grass seems greener somewhere else but turns out otherwise.

After having scientifically proved the general body piercing risks (thanks to British researchers), now it’s time for the good ol’ oral piercings – researchers from Tel Aviv University have just published their findings and their conclusions hit the fan (the web, actually).

More in the risk vein – henna tattoos, temporary as they are, sometimes may pose risks of scarring hence the warning published in one of the British newspapers.

Since I like pieces of history related to body modification, even more if they are obscure and tiny… In Farmington, NM, there was a law prohibiting body art within the city limits since 1979. Now it’s going to change as the city decided to vote yes on tattoos.

People and tattoos – a tattooed NBA player (no surprise about this one) and a female tattoo artist from MN. On the side note, pretty good books covering the subject of women and tattoos are Chick Ink and Bodies of Subversion.