the right wording, this certain time…

There must be something about summer that makes people go and get a tattoo and journalists go and write an article or two along the ‘think before you ink’ lines. So here we have ‘3 points to consider (before you get a tattoo)’ and ‘Getting a piercing or a tattoo? Do it right!‘ Since not everyone thinks before s/he inks, here are two articles about tattoo removal.

Maybe tattoos are not that well-perceived/received in business circles but you can still make some cash from them – Art Wear idea in Brunei was worth $3000. The idea itself is not really new, though, as there are already clothing brands using tattoos as their main motifs: Joker Brand, Bewild, Too Fast, Don Ed Hardy, Maybe One Day, Tattoo Golf to name just a few.

An interesting idea for an exhibition, sadly with not much information attached: Tattoos in advertising. And an action undertaken by an ID newspaper: Are you proud of your tattoos? If you are, consider sending some pictures their way (side note to myself: maybe I should do it myself? just for fun and to see what it’s all about!)

It’s not tattoos that make you cool, it’s you that make your tattoos cool: a profile of a wheelchair rugby player (tattoos mentioned only briefly but I liked the article and the guy’s attitude!) and a short article about an avid beach volleyball fan.

And finally, a ‘gem’ from MI – Let’s get ridiculous all the way!