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social acceptance, temporary tattoos, women and …

Theo Jak said once that ‘he’d rather tattoos were illegal than socially accepted.’ Conclusion of the ‘Tattoo or taboo’ article could make him smile then.

Two articles about temporary tattoos – these done professionally and these DIY ones.

Internationally, a photography exhibition in the Netherlands – photos from the Amsterdam tattoo convention(s); and an article from India which title, ‘Women and tattoos – a love-hate relation,’ is quite misleading as it’s more about cultural differences and social attitudes towards the women in the ‘industry’ still prevailing in India. Interesting as it shows the question from a somewhat different, broader perspective.

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2 responses to “social acceptance, temporary tattoos, women and …

  1. Shannon

    I’m definitely with Theo Jak on that… The mainstreaming of tattooing has really watered it down, as much as it’s nice to see the many wonderful artists that it’s brought.

    I’m really enjoying your blog by the way.

  2. Ania

    Thank you; it means a lot.

    My friend likes to quote Theo Jak on how tattoos would never make it to art museums and yet now we’re having them being perceived as art more than ever.

    For people interested in body modification, it’s really fascinating time to live in – it’s just about opening our eyes wide enough.

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