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Get inked in the Village of Camillus’ presents a local artist and his shop. As it was stated before, I do enjoy glimpses of everydayness and reading about small shops from all around the world.

Tattoos move into the mainstream’ doesn’t bring anything new but highlights the fact that these days more and more older people decide to get tattooed. Good for them and interesting to read about for me!

Local event in South Dakota – Rally Ink with some interesting shots of both people and their tattoos.

News from New Zealand focus on local gangs and a possible law banning gang-related regalia, tattoos being one of them.

Another law-related article is from Nova Scotia, in case you wonder how legal regulations of the industry look over there.

An interesting website devoted to science tattoos – Science Tattoo Emporium (I think Shannon Larratt already wrote about it)

two sides of one coin

New tattoo/body piercing shops are opened all the time (here’s a new one in the Netherlands to ‘prove’ my point) while others go out of business from various reasons – this one in Palm Springs, CA certainly has a very interesting reason (another link). The comments are worth a look, too.

FireEngineering website asks firefighters for their opinions on tattoos on duty – hopefully they’ll publish some of the responses.

More in dress code department – a Swiss guy having problems at work due to swastika tattoos. Which reminds me of posting a link to a friend’s website devoted to swastika (which, as all should know, not always is a negative symbol!)

I recently posted a link to the article from FL about efforts to better regulate the industry in this state. ‘Parlor owners should be careful what they wish for’ tries to show the question from a different angle.

In Hawaii tattoos are a mark of pride’ discusses tattoos as heritage, pride and an important element of one’s culture. The same applies to many other cultures, so let’s better keep it in mind!

I categorized ‘Me and my tattoos’ as a ‘gem’ but it’s not a typical ‘gem’ with some vitriol, trying to be ‘funny’ and no points whatsoever.

Finally, ‘do you have a ‘literary tattoo’ is an attempt to reach out to people with such tattoos to come up with an article on the subject. Help the guy if you want to!

interesting, entertaining, unusual…

Even though Australian Mrs. Eaves’s self-inscribing performance is not about tattoos per se, it’s interesting enough to post it – the article is in German with a video attached.

Another one discussing the Jews and tattoos and yet another one broaching the question of tattooing as a form of art (seeing as even Paul Booth and Steve Haworth insist on perceiving them as artists, the question is important to many tattoo ‘artists’ and body modifiers in general).

Since this blog is about reading, the upcoming Tattoo Sourcebook should be mentioned on here.

Truthful tattoos? approaches the question in too simplified a way but certainly gives some food for thoughts.

‘Gems’ are published often these days: tattoos: the need to stand out (what a profound reflection!) and the world seems to be all inked up (a few remarks here are actually worth some thinking over).

With the Olympic Games fast approaching, here we have yet another athlete with a number of tattoos making the news. The female athlete in question hopes for another one soon, this time with the Olympic rings.

It’s certainly unusual and not only because it’s the news from Sweden: scissors used to remove man’s tattoos.

7/22 – 7/27/08

The recent study on tattoos, regrets and removal seemed to be very popular. Here are two others in this vein in German and English, with some statistics.

In WI tattoo parlors targeted for higher fees while people from the industry in FL are trying to regulate body piercing and tattoo business better – they have some interesting ideas at that.

A short article about Victoria Pitts-Taylor (her book ‘In the Flesh’ is quite interesting, I must say).

Appearance does matter, as it seems, so it’s suggested to the long-term unemployed to go for makeovers, their tattoos and piercings included.

A nice collection of ‘gems’ with interesting titles: tattoos – have they become a part of everyday life?, tattoos are just one more way we’re ignoring the future, tattoos as subversive as cargo pants.

Something not that common: nail tattoos (with some interesting comments by a sociologist) and another one that’s not really latest news for those into tattooing: ear and eyelid tattoos.

7/17 – 7/21/08

Norway was a great experience and I had a great time all the time. I still have well over a hundred links to go through, so I’m going to update in a few steps.

The Dutch newspapers published articles about body art and heart condition, stressing how risky getting a tattoo can be for someone with a weak heart. One of the online newspapers also published an interesting article about illegal tattooing and a need for stricter regulations in the Netherlands.

After a public meeting in El Paso, CO, looks like the county health department cannot afford inspecting local tattoo parlors. The case is not closed yet, though.

Something people going for a text/lettering tattoos should always take into consideration is proper spelling of the chosen words. The Jade Dragon shop faces a law suit over misspelling a tattoo and it’s not their first one.

One of the most common questions about tattoos is ‘and what if you’ll regret them later on?’ (I got  asked this in Norway, too!) According to a recent study, it’s women who are more likely to regret and erase their tattoos. And there is also ‘piercing regret’.

Internationally, an alternative fashion show in German subway (with a slide show) and an article about a piercing shop in Cyprus.

religion, law, gender and ‘unusual’ ideas

Another article about the Jews and tattoos; interesting to read and deals with a few ‘urban myths’ regarding the religion and tattoos.

I’ve already posted an article on planned changes in Russian law (tattoo and body piercing ban included) but here’s a new German one on the subject. What makes it more interesting is a few young people’s opinions on the changes.

I find it funny that the people who talk a lot about tattoos are usually those who don’t have any and are rather against them. Two British articles in this vein: I ink therefore I am (smart title, isn’t it?) and think before you ink (this one is at least very ‘original’) and one from WA asking if your ink reveals more than you think?

Female tattoo artist(s) in Sisters are tattooing it for themselves and warnings Australia issued for athletes going to Beijing soon – Olympic madness will start soon!

Funny or unusual? NH man offers himself as tattoo billboard (not new idea and over in NZ there is someone with a similar although less ambitious idea).

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for Oslo to attend Wings of Desire event and I’m staying in Norway till next Thursday – I’ll probably update (with some shots from Norway, too?) next Friday or so.

health and law

The most interesting news for today would be that psychiatric patients with tattoos have higher probability to have antisocial personality disorder (another one). I found it only in Spanish, though, so feel free to correct me here. Unfortunately it seems not to have made English-speaking news yet as my google fu didn’t turn in anything recent. The English version: study links tattoos to disorder.

Last week we could learn that HI health regulations concerning tattoos and body piercing are 27 years old; MI beats this record – the local Code Health there backs to 1977. There’s hope for updating it, though!

Another voice in discussion about budget cuts in CO, this time from the other side: self-policing tattoo joints; don’t involve county in body art!

Archaic ‘laws’ and no inspections/supervising from local authorities, however, can mean only more problems. The more the legal this industry is, the less the illegal tattoo artists out there.

On a more positive note: the art that goes under skin (in German, with a slide-show) and revolutionizing getting inked (which isn’t really revolutionary but I do enjoy reading about small, local shops).

local touch

Another article about budget cuts in the Health Department in CO counties that’s going to affect local tattoo and piercing shops. A public meeting to discuss it takes place this Wednesday. Too bad CO is so far away – it would be interesting to hear both sides.

Just a quick reminder why sterile tools and clean shop are so important – Healthy Skin Campaign in Germany again (in English!)

I admit to love reading in Spanish not only because I’m learning the language now but also because Spanish articles on the subject show body modification in different parts of the world than usual US or UK locations. In this ‘addicted to ink’ one you can read which tattoo designs are ‘in’ and which are ‘out’ this summer in Spain, and how tattoo artists deal with minors wanting to get inked. It’s simple but pretty interesting.

A new (and only so far) tattoo shop in Austin, MN just about to be open. I got my first tattoos done at a small shop in a small American town – certainly an interesting experience on its own.

tattoos and media

I’m not an expert on the subject, merely an enthusiast, but the longer I keep reading popular articles about tattoos/ body modification in general, the more I think that journalists seldom write really in depth on the subject and they are interested only in getting ‘catchy’ stories and drawing their readers’ attention.

An example? Are tattoos getting mainstream or they are still taboo? Answers are contradicting here: tattoos taboo? or tattoos no longer taboo? Throw in an interview with someone relatively famous and tattooed and they’ll try to convince you that tattoos and piercings are more and more popular nowadays (some numbers about tattooed Americans or other nations surely will follow!)

The real answer is probably somewhere in-between. It is true that these days body modification is more popular and accessible than ever but it does *not* mean that you can get whatever and wherever done and not worry about your future prospects. It is true that having one or two or three small tattoos is nothing unusual now but some heavier work is still pretty uncommon.

Maybe then we have much to thank for to rich and famous who get tattooed and make tattoos more popular but we also should remember about stereotypes and that it’s up to us to change them (which leads me to this article about bikers helping Make-A-Wish foundation). The whole popularity/mainstream question is way more complex than media want us to believe and it’s better to think on our own instead of believing in what they write because there’s a human being behind each and every tattoo and all of them have their stories and experiences.

On a different note, taken for a bus ride is an interesting story not only because it re-plays the current economic problems in the US but also because it gives a fleeting insight into a life of someone who’s just left prison and has tattoos to show where they’re coming from.

religious stance on body modification and budget cuts

There’s this one *in*famous quote from Leviticus that is always quoted when it comes to discussing religion and body modification. I was actually delighted yesterday when I came across an article Theology of the body that, among a few other things, discusses also a stand of the Catholic church on tattoos and piercings. Since it’s quite interesting, here’s also Jewish answers to tough questions, addressing body modification (it’s an older article but the link still works and my own small ‘link archive’ proved to be useful!)

Coincidentally, cross tattoos – designs and what they symbolize.

A German article about allergies and inflammations that sometimes happen during the modification process. It shows that keeping high standards at the shop is crucial. The more surprising then is the news from CO about budget cuts that are going to affect inspections at tattoo and piercing shops. As it was to expected, piercers and tattoo artists are all for frequent inspections and check-ups of their shops.

Something nice to end today’s post – kids and temporary tattoos at a local event in MI.