starting my learning curve:

Last week I came across an article hygiene important for piercing with pretty questionable aftercare suggestions by a doctor. Since aftercare is one of crucial factors for a successful piercing, it’s good to see that APP is trying to do its best to educate people both online and IRL – their reply, with quite appropriate a title Piercing hygiene information in story was lacking, was fast and to the point.

This past weekend I had an opportunity to attend Tattoo Fest in Cracow and had a pretty good time at the event. Some friends kept telling me that a tattoo convention is a special time and it’s good to experience it on our own. I guess they were right. Here are some past and upcoming events in the same vein: the 6th Annual Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival already took place but among upcoming events there are a tattoo convention in Toronto (an interesting approach in this one and comments by Blair and Lyle Tuttle) and International Tattoo in Halifax, NS.

For those of us that are not a part of the body modification industry, the infamous “rock star attitude” is a big turn-off and sometimes even a reason to feel bad about ourselves. The guys in UT who just started their own tattoo shop also experienced what it’s like to be judged and found to be modified “not enough” and decided that their own place would be totally different – in no normal tattoo shop you can read about their feelings and goals

A few weeks ago online newspapers, especially these Australian ones, were busy with covering the prospective ban on body piercing for minors. People behind the idea are still determined to have it regulated by the law: the headlines are screaming: Piercing law enacted, Vic to legislate on body piercing or Ballarat businesses welcome body piercing legislation. Californian legislators are also interested in regulating body modification industry. A similar interest expresses Russia although in this case it seems less positive: Piercing and Halloween outlawed in Russian schools.