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more of the law

With all this media coverage and, allegedly, growing popularity tattoos, and body modification in general, enjoy, it’s both surprising and amusing to learn that there still are places where tattooing is forbidden, and nope, it’s *not* Poland: news from VA about erasing the ban on tattoo shops in the near future (hopefully).

More in the law department from MI and an effort of legislators in KY – if you have any “disturbing” images of your piercings gone wrong (or not), consider sending these their way.

It was Ozzy Osbourne who said “do you want to be original? Don’t get a tattoo!” The point is made even clearer in the article ‘So You have a tattoo? How horribly common’ On the other hand, though, obviously you just can’t go wrong with a kid tattoo!

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3 responses to “more of the law

  1. Jacques ⋅

    hmm, dont think the tattoo guy is overly intelligent…hahaha, his humour has been bouncing around almost ad lib for a long time , plus i tend to agree…booo to skull tattoos…hahahhahahunless they have ribbons or are dancing.

  2. Jacques ⋅

    um…because you cant read my refering to the cat writing about tattoos being boring.

  3. aniareads ⋅

    he hit the nail, though, when he said that tattoos/piercings won’t make you more interesting or original and that tattoos indeed are very common these days.
    sure the amount of work varies greatly and you don’t come across body suits on every day basis but c’mon, nowadays everyone and their grandma have at least one, you and me included;)

    so much about us being all unique and original 😛

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