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In yesterday’s Suffolk article the question of erasing the tattooing ban was so nicely explained: ‘tattooing is now recognized as an acceptable expression in today’s society’ (so let’s get rid of this ridiculous ban!). In another article, published today, we can read about tattoo shops being a good opportunity to make some money (so it’s only sensible to have them in the town). Less noble than the art/self-expression reason but probably more true.

A short report from Bike Week tattoo contest in NH which made me think a little more about this year’s Tattoo Fest and how there were only five tribal tattoos entered for the contest in tribal/ethnic category. Tribal tattoos seem to be in decline although others, obviously, may disagree: tribal tattoos – the journey from identification to modern body art. I actually missed here mentioning, even if briefly, Modern Primitives and Leo Zulueta and some other details.

A metal band Within Chaos offered lifetime free admission to their shows to those who will get the band’s logo tattooed on them. And here was I thinking that you must earn people’s loyalty, not just buy it.

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