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The big news would be the lost game of the Polish team against Croatia but since I’m not into football (unless it’s also about tattoos…), I’m going to focus on something different.

Tattoos as a means of personal identification” made headlines in two German articles I came across and, weirdly enough, tattoos are not really heavily discussed here as personalized ring tones and other possibilities are also mentioned in the articles. Tattoos seem to make more catchy a headline and, I guess, that’s the main reason they were used here.

Another case of the “internet hiccup” – more articles about body piercing risks: more statistics here and a reprint in Dutch. Again, the phrase “sexual studs” sure is ‘catchy’ enough! I’m not sure but the picture of scarification chest piece in this Dutch article looks quite familiar; previously featured on Modblog?

8th annual tattoo convention in Valencia (more…), Spain; hopefully there will be some pictures from the show available soon.

The cool thing about the internet is that ‘normal’ people can express their opinions here and be heard/read in places thousands of miles away; ordinary women speak about their tattoos (more…)

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