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Since the Canadian police investigation caused much uproar last week, let’s start with an article stating the good news: ‘police and health unit: no charges in labia reduction surgery.’ The article is also interesting because the authors let the owner of the shop in question speak about the issue (and if you look around, click on the link to the shop’s website etc., you’ll see that they more than ‘pretty reputable’).

On pins and needles defending artistic expression’ discusses tattoo bans that were around not that long ago and provides the readers with some interesting historical trivia.

A handful of articles about tattoo artists: a documentary about Don Ed Hardy, a Milwaukee, WI-based artist and another one about a local guy from KS. To end it on a celebrity not, here’s a short one about Herbert Hoffmann.

Soldiers and tattoos are almost like policemen and donuts and here we have two articles to prove it: ‘tattoos of love and war for US Marines in Afghanistan’ and an Australian one about an Anzac tattoo (and no one can say that running this lil blog is not educational – I learn new things about the world pretty much everyday thanks to it! ;))

Two articles about tattoo conventions: Phuket’s Tattoo Fest and waltzing on wild side at Vienna Tattoo Festival.

For those in CA, a heads-up on an interesting exhibition featuring work by quite well-known tattoo artists: ‘Black and Gray Affair.’ And Canadians should probably know that these days ‘Edmonton is the tattoo capital of Canada.’

Two somewhat lighter articles show a guy who’s going to attempt to break the world record for most body piercings in one session and quite a lot of  geekiest comic book tattoos.

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2 responses to “cops, people, needles

  1. Don

    I really despair of these “world record for the most body piercings” things. I mean, 2000 in two hours? What’s he going to do with them all afterwards? It can’t be much more than play-piercing at that level.

  2. aniareads ⋅

    I agree! in this case I guess it’s more about quantity than quality and it’s probably be going to be done just for the shock value (which speaks volumes about modern humans).
    kind of sad that piercers are going for such ‘projects’ – it’s damn risky no matter how sterile and experienced the piercer is.

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