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Last weekend was spent on running my 6th half-marathon, so the only tattoo I got to see there was my own massive (and running-oriented) calf tattoo. Now I’m back in the game.

How to check if you are tired?  A temporary tattoo packed up with sensors may be used for that quite soon.

Interesting artists: a master of realistic tattoos from Sweden and another one good at portraits.

A special guest at Venezuela Tattoo Expo 2013: Matt Gone.

When life gives you lemons … an elderly woman has no hair but she got an impressive scalp tattoo instead!

Russian prison tattoos.

Straight from NYC a book for kids focused on tattoos.

Celebrity news showing that it’s not smart to get a tattoo of someone you are in love today and but will break up with in a few: Kat Von D’s tattoo’s being removed now.

Finally, Horiyoshi the Third turning into Horiyoshi the Thiiird and using his design to create a clothing line.

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