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before the date change

New year is right around the corner but there are still old worries and then also new concerns:

With the crisis still worrying Americans, no wonder they ask such questions as ‘do tattoos and piercings create negative impressions?’ and think if ‘body art [is] painful for job seekers.’

A new year usually also means some price raising and that’s what probably will happen in MO where ‘the state seeks to raise tattoo license fees.’ There are tattooers, though, that are able to find a bright side in the project. Their concerns and worries also share tattooers from New Zealand who want the law to be changed to protect customers.

Good Christmas spirit still present in an article about ‘a noble gesture to help homelss animals’ and another one about a guy who loves Christmas a lot!

Finally, one in Spanish: ‘Arquelogia Mexicana dedicates an issue to body adornment’ – this certainly sounds very interesting!

Happy new year to everyone out there!

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One response to “before the date change

  1. bastian ⋅

    homeless animals? ooooh…. I can only say that’s a very noble idea! Happy New Year to you also, and I’m hoping for lots of interesting and exciting posts from you in 2011!

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