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fashion, rankings and some other stuff

I haven’t found this in English yet, so let’s use it in Spanish (and it’s been a long time since I linked to anything Spanish which reminds me that I should work harder on this language): Scott Campbell will collaborate with Louis Vuitton brand.

Also fashion-related (although it seems that this clothing line lost on publicity): ‘rebel style’ is popular in Philippines now and the Miami Ink guys can expect a few bucks more in their pockets.

Some people show off their body art while others must/ need to/ have to hide it: ‘work zone and possible problems in white-collar jobs’ and a dress code from one of American high schools.

The top 10 most tattooed American cities ranking shows, however, that tattoos are still strong.

An interesting one from Time magazine: soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and their tattoos.

Some other interesting ones: ‘Maori tribesman in Colchster, UK,’ A German professor collecting old tattoos and using them for scientific purposes, ‘ink for a cause’ introducing an energetic, enterprising and tattooed woman, a biography of a tattoo artist known as Phill Sparrow, ‘common tattoo beliefs debunked’ an article about the HanziSmatter blog, local LA tattoo artists showing their anger at BP and the American government and a tattoo(ing) Cinderella (an unemployed Pole gets some government money and opens his own tattoo shop!)

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3 responses to “fashion, rankings and some other stuff

  1. Don

    I was interested to read the American High School dress code article there: good to know that schools seem every bit as obsessed with this as they were fifty years ago when I was a pupil! I don’t quite see how being “sent home to change” solves a tattoo transgression though. And how about the “gender specific underclothing”? Who’s going to know, unless the student changes for PE I suppose.

    Most of the 25 rules would be redundant if the school had a uniform, of course – but from what I’ve seen/read, US schools don’t seem to go in for them for some reason.

  2. aniareads ⋅

    these days it’s kind of fashionable to dress in such a way that it’s possible to see the underwear although I’m having a hard time to imagine a male teenager wearing (and showing off) a thong under his baggy pants; you never know, though, what crazy, young ppl can come up with just to fool around!

    I actually like reading such dress code-related articles, mainly because they are full of ‘gems’ (pyjama bottoms, slippers etc.) that indirectly point out at funny things that are going on in schools.

    and some of the American public schools go the uniform-route although they prefer students to wear clothes in specific colors instead of ‘proper’ uniforms.

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