events, passions and lists

A few articles about tattoo conventions for starters: Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth (nice interview with Mario Barth), a short one about Tattoo Expo in Barcelona and another one about recent TattooFest in Warsaw, Poland (not a mind-blowing event, mind you, but I’m being ‘patriotic’ for once;)).

I don’t know how many people will be able to go through another one in Polish (wonderfully nasty a language it is) but here’s an interesting interview with a editor of one of the Polish tattoo magazines talking about tattoos and people getting them done.

Climate justice tattoo’ is a great example of tattoos being not only about whims and trends but also about true passion and commitment to ideas.

A bit of history in ‘tattoos and the army – long and colorful tradition.’

Another Spanish one (because I’m enjoying reading trying to read in Spanish again) – the sexiest tattoos of 2009; and just for balance’s sake another silly list in ‘top 12 worst celebrity tattoo ideas.’

As a bonus a VIP touch in short interviews with VIP’s attending the convention in Vegas and an article about a(nother) tattoo-inspired clothing line (hmmm, ridiculously expensive these t-shirts, ain’t they?)


reading about reading

International London Tattoo Convention this weekend, so here’s a couple pictures and an article on the subject. In a similar but a little more exotic vein, a short one about 2009 Dutdutan Tattoo Expo in Phillipines.

Teachers and tattoos as seen from two perspectives: ‘classroom ink’ and ‘it’s only a distraction.’ Another one going for the distraction stand in ‘body art or simply a distraction?

A reader’s letter expressing a neat thought: ‘the ‘elderly’ want to have tattoos, too!

I liked this one: ‘being outsold by a book on tattoos.’ Since this guy’s attitude seems so serious that it’s funny and since I bought (and read/flipped through) the Mammoth Book of Tattoos as a gift for my artist after my final sleeve session, I’m all for the Mammoth book sales going strong 😉

As an avid reader I liked this one, too: ‘ten of the best tattoos in literature’ but there are some other ranking-like articles on the subject, too: ’10 tattoos that’ll get you nowhere with women’ and ‘the hottest women with ink.’

Something in German for dessert: an article about Olli Lonien who became quite well-known thanks to a German answer to ‘Miami Ink’ and the like, ‘Eine Familie sticht zu.’

wake up, wake up!

The biggest piece of news is a girl who got her face tattooed not exactly the way she wanted. I got to read about it in English, German, Dutch and Spanish (Bastian drew my attention to it first!)  and there will probably be an internet hiccup about it in days to come. The Belgian and Dutch articles seem to be more detailed than the whole rest (like the one where the artist discusses the whole thing and says that it’s a good ad for his studio after all and that he’ll cover half of the tattoo removal cost!) The whole thing seems a bit fishy but I’m all for ‘live and learn,’ so let’s try to draw some conclusions out of it, kids, shall we?

A good fit for the news above is an American article about ‘tattoo experiences presenting surprises, both good and bad’ – kind of true although when one uses their brain during the whole process, the risks should be minimized!

Not overly detailed but making one think is an article from CA” ‘body art becomes norm, not rebellion’ and it also makes a point about getting tattoos that actually mean something to us – the more the meaning in our mods, the less the regrets, perhaps?

One of the things I totally love about my blog is that running it teaches me new things every day! This time I got introduced to a really interesting website called Sang Bleu thanks to reading an interview with its editor. Seems a really interesting stuff!

Serious subject with a local touch: ‘reactions to Mercer County ban on tattoos and piercings’ and ‘tattoo parlors go unchecked’ about health risks and lax regulations.

Freebies and a twisted online subworld in ‘TV’s tweeting tattoo artist offers free Twitter ink session.’

An interesting idea to end this post: tattoo/graffiti art on leather in the ‘Inkorporated Skin.’

back on the track

A small update after the weekend:

Tattoo conventions: Valencia, Spain and Liverpool, England.

Law-related: ‘tattoo artists should lobby for regulations’ from AZ and somewhat related from CT where ‘man seeks OK to open tattoo parlor and art gallery.’

I’m a traditionalist myself when it comes to work on tattoos and I like an exchange of ideas face-to-face but apparently there’s also another way: custom tattoos available online on CreateMyTattoo website.

With the summer fast approaching, all tattooed people should consider going on holiday to Italy where we could score an awesome hotel price deal – in one of the Italian hotels it’s way cheaper when you have tattoos.


Nice variety today:

Gender touch in ‘thinking ink’ about an aspiring female tattoo artist; the author of the article notes that ‘Kat Von D is a pioneer in changing the industry’ but let’s not forget about her predecessors: Calamity Jane, Vyvyn Lazonga, Ruth Marten, Jammie Summers, Jacci Gresham or Kari Barba. Without these (and other) women working hard in the 70’, 80’s and later, the industry would have looked different and maybe we would have to wait way longer for a female tattoo artist basking in the TV fame now. Two other articles with a female touch are an interview with a Spanish female artist and an interestingly written article showing the artist and the tattooee in the process of tattooing.

The Australian ‘tattoos have moved into the cosmetic realm’ discusses not only cosmetic tattoos but also modern body image and how unrealistic about it we’ve been growing (although we’ve been also made to do so!)

Medical tattoos were already mentioned in one of the earlier posts but here’s another interesting article pointing out that this kind of tattoos is very new to medicine and certainly worth the medics’ attention.

And now for something less serious: ’11 ways to tattoo your kid…’ and a truly blank canvas in ‘the canvas of slip-on Vans’ (not new an idea, though?).

I don’t enjoy reading about celebs and their tattoos but this one is pretty cool and reminiscent of Shelley Jackson’s Skin Project: ‘Bar Rafaeli and a new story by S. King.

(too) colorful

The Nuggets NBA team made the news recently and looks like the topic of NBA and tattoos is still overly popular: ‘tattoos have made NBA almost unwatchable’ and ‘neck tattoos in NBA.’

A nice slideshow from the Tattoo and Body Art Expo in Houston, TX and a review of the Expo Tatuaje in Mexico Monterrey; also, an article in Spanish featuring a Mexican tattoo artist Jorge Castro.

Body art on TV: ‘he’s inky and he’s going to be a TV-star again’ (interesting how the title is totally different than the contents; makes the whole thing less convincing IMHO) and a review of the ‘Global Ink,’ a documentary by Lars Krutak.

Another touch of small town tattoo/body piercing shops in ‘leaving his mark’ from Canada.

Tattoos and soldiers in ‘tattooed under fire’ (or the stories of US soldiers in Iraq) and something entirely different in ‘tattoo for troops’ as a way to raise some funds for a good cause.

A touch of body piercing in an article from Australia about microdermals.

And finally something nicely exotic: ‘tattoo show to be staged’ in Mongolia; there are countries that never make the global news, so it’s always interesting to come across something shedding some dim light on them.

bars, tracks and permits

Nice coincidence: just when I got in the mail a book about prison tattoos, there appeared some articles on the subject, too: ‘Illinois inmates and jail tattoos’ and an exhibit on ‘iconography of the streets and jail.’

Sports tattoos are also enjoying some attention: ‘professional athletes with tattoos,’ Nuggets team and their tattoos and ‘Iowa athletes think ink.’

A short follow-up on ‘Free Tattoo Day’ in Omaha, NE and an article about community-oriented tattoo parlor in NM – not so scary and unapproachable as one could think?

Two articles more about the Prestons and their fight to open a tattoo parlor in Tempe, AZ(two lines above and you can see that people from the local tattoo parlors can actually be a good asset to a community).

The pierced people’ is a general piece about modern body piercing but mentions two quite reputable shops from OH – Piercology and Evolved.

Something non-English to end this post: a few lines about this year’s Asturia Tattoo Convention.

not always what it seems

Westcoast Tattoo Culture Show takes place this weekend, so here are a few articles on the subject. In a similar vein, news about tattoo conventions from Argentina and Australia (looks like the first-ever such event in Sydney was a success).

Eyeball tattoos strike again; the title says it all: ‘bizarre eye tattoo proves to be an eyesore.

Tattoos versus piercings’ doesn’t say anything new and conveys a pretty typical point of view on this matter. Elayne Angel in her “Piercing Bible’ presents a much better and very different point of view and I think she’s quite right here (to quote her: ‘tattoos are comparatively straightforward; healing is rapid, and there are seldom complications. The same is not true of body piercings. Piercings require special attention during a prolonged period of healing plus regular maintenance once they are healed.’)

In the risks department: ‘could earrings like Kate Moss’ make you a real fashion victim?’; it’s well illustrated and described step by step; delivers the point quite well.

Finally, a cool and touching story about the tragic past and much better present: ‘tattoos from Auschwitz horror bring late-life joy.’

around the world

Today’s post is just how I like it – international.

From Australia articles about ‘tattoos and maternal instincts,’ first-timers getting awards at a local tattoo convention and a pretty interesting article about ear reconstruction (stretched piercings not mentioned here, though).

And while speaking of the east side of the world, an article about China and tattoos: ‘taboo removal: in China, tattoos make a comeback.

South America represented by an article about ‘tattoos in Venezuela.

News from the US: ‘geeky tattoos,’ ‘Chuco Art Project book’ to commemorate a late tattoo artist and an interesting article about a local Detroit shop offering both tattoos and tattoo removal (and let’s mention Allen Falkner’s enterprise also focusing on tattoo removal).

career fairs and fun at home

One law-related piece of news from MD (‘House approves bill requiring parental consent for tattoos’) aside, today’s post is quite light in tone/selection:

Big news is that now Elaine Davidson has 6005 piercings (more here, also in Dutch);

More about Mara and an exhibition of their photos (seems like Mara and Wim Delvoye frequently appear in my posts!).

You know times change when a tattoo artist gets invited to a high school career fair: ‘kids get ink-spiration from a tattoo artist;’ quite similar and with some insight into the shop life is ‘living canvass: an inside look at the art of tattooing;

New York adorned: where to get inked in this town’ – self-explanatory, I guess.

For those with lots of regrets and not much money: ‘at home tattoo removal;’ I’d do lots of research beforehand, though.

Since I like news from the exotic locations, here’s an article about ‘Taiwan’s tattoo artists winning gold at Milan Convention.

Finally something that was supposed to be gross: ‘extreme body piercings make for one gross ‘bluetooth’ headset;’ maybe I’m weird but it didn’t gross me out.