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tattoos can make a difference, too!


The article about an 11-year-old boy who wanted to commit suicide because he was bullied for what he likes – My Little Pony toys – struck a cord! No one should be bullied or persecuted for what they like or believe in! A big thumbs-up then for the tattoo artists from this shop who decided to step up and support the boy: ‘boy inspires mean lookin guys [to get] My Little Pony tattoos.’

As one of the tattooers said: “Tattoos are about freedom of expression. Michael should have been free to like My Little Pony if he wanted to.” Amen to that, eh? 🙂

On a similar note, today I came across an article about another alone/ friendless boy who’s going to turn 11 soon. His Mum decided to create a FB page (and this time no words from me about FB, promise!) to show him that he has loads of friends from all over the world after all. If anyone who reads this wants to help, then you can either go and visit Colin’s FB page or send him b-day wishes via post (his address is on his FB). I and my little and awesome niece are definitely going to send best wishes Colin’s way! 🙂

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