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Ilma Gore, a street artist based in L.A., decided to do sth challenging our ways of thinking – she decided to cover her body with the names of or words chosen by complete strangers willing to pay for that. Her kickstarter page states that she’s not only in for an artistic project (a relative thing these days) but also running against the time (seeing how she wants to get covered before she gets sick and old; either that or she’s just using a cheap cliche!).

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Is she a pioneer? Hardly! Last year Vin Los, an aspiring model from Canada, went for sth quite similar although his focus was on the most used and popular words. He got more sympathy than awe!

years before, Shelley Jackson went for a project called “Skin‘ where random people got seemingly random words tattooed on them to make Jackson’s story really alive!

What I’m interested here in is both other people’s and my own reaction to Ilma Gore’s idea. If I like it, then why? If I’m indifferent, why? If I think it’s a rather silly idea, then why again? In the ways we are reacting to others, we always find some gut knowledge about ourselves!

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