new year, new things

And here we go again! I actually hope that this year my tattoos will not cost me a job only because my potential employer is unable to see and appreciate me as a good, hard worker and a decent person! What I have actually been trying to show on this blog is that tattoos and all other forms of body modification are something special but far from being harmful or detrimental to the society. All we need is just open-mindness and an ability to accept and embrace people who differ from us!

daniel snoeks

South Korea again where the tattoos are still underground. This article is actually optimistic, though, as it shows how the social attitudes change, also thanks to an Australian named Daniel Snoek who is quite popular in Sth. Korea and somehow is able to show people that there are many different aesthetics!

tattoo stories

People and their stories speak the best for tattoos as a form of art and self-expression. Here’s an article about rewards and regrets when it comes to tattoos. More tattoo stories in the Washington Post, here.

A punk rock expert with a knack for tattoos (and that’s in German).

NBA tattoos

We live and grow (both physically and mentally, of course) and our body modifications (even if it’s just our love for tortilla chips 😉 ) show the changes the best. Hard to believe that once upon a time also basket ball players were pretty much blank!

modified charity

Nothing shows better that body art does *not* equal evil than charity events organized by the modified people. Here a wonderful idea for a body art calendar made to help homeless people!

A piece of history in an article about a female tattoo artist working in NYC when tattooing was illegal and how things changed over time!

Have an awesome new year out there! 🙂