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parents' tattoos

Tattoos as a distinct sign of something wrong with you? Hardly in this story about loving parents who decided to get red spots tattooed on them to make her daughter feel she belongs! Awesome story!


Don’t judge others – a ‘dirty biker’s’ response to a harsh but very superficial judgement!

Funnily enough, there is also a story about a FB page called ‘your tattoos make you a horrible mother.’

nice gif

Satirical in tone, 9 misconceptions about people with tattoos; some nice pictures included.

An interesting read – ‘black ink and the politics of tattoos, race and gender.’

cool temp tattoos

Vegetable tattoos – permament and temporary.

ear stretching

Stretched ears and the usual when and why.

a nice array

tattoo day in rzeszow

I like starting with the tag ‘modified charity’ as it shows, over and over again, that no matter what the non-tattiied ppl think, the modified people also have big hearts. So here we have Trouble Bound Studio and their fundraiser for the Daffodil Place and a report from the Tattoo Day in Rzeszow, Poland.

Batista against stereotypes

A photo project by Mr. Batista again; too cool not to mention it again!

People, tattoos and passion in an article about the Rising Tide shop in OH, US.

Chaim Machlev

Chaim Machlev and his awesome tattoos straight from Germany. And also from Germany an article about a pastor writing his Ph.D. thesis on body modification. A short text about another tattoo artist from Micronesia only adds to this multiculti mix.

From the Dutch-speaking countries an article about tattoos under hypnosis and a text showing what might happen with your dream tattoo.

tattoos in the Guardian

Tattoos as an art form.

From the US we have a piece of news about tattoos hindering the recruitment efforts for the U.S. Army.

stories behind … never enough

Ibrahimovic's temp tattoos

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his new tattoos make headlines on the Internet but this time it’s more than just gossip! Ibrahimovic’s temporary tattos are a statement trying to turn our attention to millions of those who suffer from hunger all over the world. In the countries where people suffer more from obesity than starvation and where food gets so often just thrown away, it’s definitely much needed!

Philly tattoo convention and its stories!

tattoos after dark

Tattoos After Dark’ show aired in Australia. Shows make rounds! 😉

An interesting article about tattoos in Fiji!

Friday the 13th – totally atypical

A great action on tattoo artists’ part in the UK – all the proceedings from Friday the 13th tattoos go to the local hospice!

A good initiative also in Poland where the local artists join the Mam Marzenie (I Have a Dream) foundation to make kids happy.

gold fakir

chest pains - Fakir Musafar

Fakir Musafar has been around for decades and the body modification subculture wouldn’t have been the same without him. Here’s an article about Fakir now!

beneath the ink

Tattoos and freedom of expression in books by Meghan March. I fed my kindle with samples of her books, so I’ll see what it’s like.

fixing tattoos

After the TV Ink reality shows, Bodyshockers and some other goodies, the tattoo stuff is still popular and a new show focused on fixing the tattoos is going to be made soon.

Illegal tattoo artists in New Mexico!

Some tattoo advice here and the crazy “beauty” of tattoo question list here.

exhibit, helping out and pride


More press coverage of the tattoo exhibit in Hamburg, Germany.

Another mention about the Expanded Eye tattoo shop.

the puzzle of extreme rituals

The Puzzle of Extreme Rituals‘ – an interesting read for sure.

Helping out the victims of sex trafficking once tattoo cover-up at a time!

Kurdish tattoos

Kurdish women and their traditional tattoos – something old and beautiful has been vanishing!

de gustibus non est disputandum but … ;)

vicky harris body modifier

Vicky Harris, a UK-based body modifier performed ear scalpelling on her friend and the whole thing got filmed for the ‘Bodyshockers‘ show. What is this show focused on? ‘on the extreme, gruesome and terrifying culture of body modification.’ As if face lifting, liposuction, breast implants and botoxing everything possible wasn’t gruesome, huh? One must just love one-sided perspectives. Ms. Harris looks wonderful, tho!


A broader view is possible how this article about some possible cooperation between doctors and tattoo artists suggests!

Tattoos and narcissism? Why not but it also way more; just like pretty much everything else. Let’s think outside the box!

ChrisHamilton of Fallen Owl Tattoo

Two tattoo artists and their journeys to the craft! (and their tattoo shops!)

It’s both funny and some food for thought – how a tattoo shop got judgemental about someone’s tattoo choice.

12 things you should know about foot tattoos – not bad writing and some cool GIFs.

horror tattoos

With Friday the 13th fast approaching, take a look at some horror tattoos. Actually, I’d rather look at horror tattoos than watch some of these movies 😉