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bad and good

Body modification and job market again: tattoos (and other modifications) a barrier to employment?

But, obviously, you can look at them as an artistic expression of yourself: ‘the art of body art’ which is a photograph exhibit in FL.

You can also try to earn some money using their popularity: maybe the first one in the worldtattoo hotel.’

Something in Dutch: Henk Schiffmacher organized a fund raising for Japan!

Growing popularity of tattoos (this one’s in Polish) certainly leads to perceiving tattoo artists as celebrities.

And you can also win a tattoo in a contest: a huge backpiece based on a computer game.

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One response to “bad and good

  1. Steph

    You know, I really dislike the whole, you have tattoos ergo can’t get a real job BS. I have a very successful career in a rather uptight, pretentious daycare and quite a few of my tattoos are on display everyday and no one gives a damn! Perhaps i’m lucky like that, however tattoos have been the least of my problems when it comes to looking for work.

    Just need to be careful where you get them (as in places you are able to hide them should you need to) Although the tattoo hotel seems interesting! At least the concept of it is.

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