real beauty, real body issues

Lithuanian project

A short article about a Lithuanian project focused on Lithuanian women and the ways they perceive their own bodies is soemthing that is always relevant, no matter where you live!

dove real beauty

Obviously, this Lithuanian project is not the first of this kind. I posted about the Curves project a while ago and, of course, there is also the Dove campaign that’s been going for years now.

average men

A quick search for ‘male body photography project’ didn’t spit out anything of substance (but we all know that Google spits out different things to different people, right?) but I came across this one! Hardly Greek gods, are they? 😛

What’s my point? Instead of looking up to media and their ways to shape our aesthetics, let’s create our own, with tattoos, scars, hair roots visible when WE fancy them, warts and all!