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Charlie Hebdo tattoo

The tragedy in the Charlie Hebdo’s HQ has been in the centre of the news and our attention during the last few days and it moved many people. An Amsterdam-based photographer took a step farther to express his solidarity and stand on the subject of freedom of expression and saying ‘no’ to terror!

Not really good news from Turkey where a fatwa against tattoos was issued by the local religious authorities.

tattooed gloves boxing event

But tattoos can be perceived as and used to do good things, too – ‘Tattooed Gloves Boxing‘ event next week is supposed to raise money to help True South Relief Foundation, EMS tattoos show the paramedics’ devotion both to rescuing people and their own passion about their job, military tattoos are a way to cope with traumas, losses and everyday life obstacles.

Shanghai Kate

Shanghai Kate still going strong and visiting the second annual Minneapolis tattoo convention.

Texan research

Finally, research done at A&M University in TX shows that employers should become more open-minded in the future – the tattooed work force is going to be quite huge!

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