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edgy looks with a pop culture twist


Another week of ‘Divergent’ frenzy. This time you can read about Eric’s tattoos (he’s a villain in the book), who inspired the look of the Divergent tattoos and even upgrade your reading taste thanks to the Inked Magazine’s  input on the subject.

Human Rights Tattoo Project a few letters closer to completion thanks to their visit in Berlin.

Private piercing, serious sacrifice’ recalls the traditional Sun Dance.

Way less serious and interesting: a Polish tattoo artist selling his skin (after his death, of course), a Norwegian kid taking his *cough* love for McDonald’s further than anyone else and a very important question: ‘are women over 40 too old for body piercing?’ Everyone should read it! 😉

why be normal when you can be yourself?’ goes to Suicide Girls and tries to be affirmative about uniqueness and edgy look. What the author forgets to mention is that the edgy look sooner or later becomes just another kind of uniform and eventually has nothing to do with being ourselves. Another serious question to ponder 😀

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