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Tattoo School affair still on and going strong. Most people outraged although now one
can also reads voices defending the concept.

One of the reasons why so many industry people are against the Tattoo School is their fear that soon there will be even more ‘scratchers’ running around and tattooing
those who don’t get that ‘good tattoo ain’t cheap’ and there might be something
to their fears. Such a risk always is present, though: ‘more Swedes get
home-made tattoos

Two articles more on the tattoo ban in one of the German football clubs.

Two new books about the tattoos: ‘The Tattoo’ novel by a Canadian writer and an upcoming book on military tattoos.

Tattoo tradition: an interesting interview and even cooler pictures on the dying out
tradition of facial tattoos among the Chin women and a modern controversion
about ta moko used for commercial purposes.

A nice example of solidarity: a local tattoo community rallies for a defense fund for
their colleague (some of his work to see here).

Finally some nice visual gems: photos from Suscon in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Some of the links in this update were submitted by Bastian – big thanks for that!

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