age doesn’t matter anymore?

NYC Ink strikes yet again with a publicity stunt and here we have quite interesting an interview with Megan Massacre.

Also film/ TV – related although in a slightly different way is this interesting review of the documentary devoted to the Hamburg International Tattoo Convention 2010. It’s available on the German amazon, so it’s kind of tempting, especially as it contains an interview with the late Herbert Hoffman.

Body Art’ tells a few stories of people and their tattoos while an interesting article published on the Huffington Post points out that more and more older women get tattoos done.

An interesting one also fromAustralia: ‘doctors issue warnings on body modification’ and even though it’s made scarier than it really is, I’d say that there’s something to it (I was dead scared my skin removal would get infected). As a bonus, a gallery of a few interesting body modifications linked from the article.

Secret language of tattoos’ in Polish discusses the meaning and symbolism of tattoos although I’d be skeptical when it comes to its contents and sources as there’s at least one biggish factual error in it.