colorful protests and projects

The premiere of TLC’s Tattoo School show is scheduled for tomorrow but it’s already
stirred a lot of emotions and opinions; here’s just a few examples.

The artist featured in this article didn’t graduate from any tattoo school but he learned hard and quite traditional a way: the art of the jailhouse tattoo.

This young Canadian is enthusiastic and determined to finish her project which is talking to one stranger a day about their tattoos. You can visit her blog here!

A German football club decided to forbid getting tattoos by its footballers during the
season while here an interesting question about jobs in general is posed: ‘should
tattoos and piercings keep employees from being promoted?

For dessert a Polish one about a female tattoo artist who jut started her adventure with the industry and already loves it. The shop she works at is here (although she
isn’t listed as an employee yet).