fit and back!

I finally finished the whole ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ book set I treated myself with and which engulfed me pretty much completely for last few weeks (I had the second volume with me at the running camp and kept reading it whenever I had some free time!), so now I can focus on other things! 🙂

This one came as a shock: ‘TLC cancels LA Ink’ – quite surprising! Ami James also appeared in an online article under a heading ‘Empire of Ink.’ Quite modest seems this short article about Don Ed Hardy but it’s interesting to a degree anyway.

Big World also in a few articles focused on ‘Garage,’ a new magazine focused on fashion and art which has tattoos on the covers of its first issue.

I seldom post here about celebs but this one seems reasonable: ‘Peaches Geldof: why was I allowed to have tattoos at 14?’ Think before you ink, huh?

I ink therefore I am’ describes a local tattoo contest and mentions a local entrepreneur who hires people with tattoos and claims that they make good employees!

 Books: ‘tattooed covers’ by Penguin and a novel focused on tattoo(s): ‘Indelible Ink.’

And interesting news from theUK where branding seems to be getting popular among some people and worrisome for others.

book review: body art

 The book draws body mod enthusiasts ‘attention with the cover on which Kat Von D is half-smiling, put right next to smaller images of such ‘scene’ icons as The
Enigma, The Katzen, Samppa Von Cyborg and Bear Big Ears. If the cover promises
interesting contents, later on the book definitely fulfills this promise.

Of course, there are more and more books on body modification, mainly tattoos, and some of them just exploit the popularity of the ‘scene’ and don’t present anything new. If you look at the contents of this book, you could say the same thing but what
makes a huge difference here is that ‘Body Art’ discusses various forms of body
modification in details and offers many great pictures of the procedures and
modifications (Shannon Larratt is listed as a contributor for ‘Body Art’ and
those of us who had been reading his Modblog back in the old days can easily
recognize many pictures).

The book covers á brief history of body art’(some interesting images of tribal scars and … foot binding which isn’t that common in books on the subject), ‘getting
inked’(advice for those eager to get tattooed), information and pictures
focused on implants, ‘scarred for life’ discussing the painful art of scarification,
corset piercings filed under ‘sexy back,’ ‘feel the burn’ shedding some light
on branding, the art of ear stretching, a chapter on ‘functional implants’ and
finally a chapter discussing the UV ink tattooing. After each chapter you can
browse through tiny images and short info on various types of tattoos
(bio-mech, old school, symbolic etc.). A reader should be careful, though – the
book contains both basic information and decent images of various forms of body
modification but it doesn’t cover aftercare and possible risks, so you better
not try it at home!

I must say that I really enjoyed reading this one! The chapters are nicely written,
practitioners chosen for interviews and advice reputable and knowledgeable,
interviews with ‘big names’ bring something new about them instead of repeating
the things I’d read somewhere else and, above all, the content is more
interesting and broader than most other books on the subject. I’m quite looking
forward to reading ‘Body Art 2’ now!


Body Art, Titan Books 2011

Edit: posting from my red laptop, so some problems with layout might happen!

extreme and traditional mod(e)s

I think I’ll just overlook this whole Kat-Von-D-and-her-new-tattoo affair, especially that there are some more interesting things related to body modification:

Extreme body modification: a beautiful controversy’ discusses what it promises although not really in depth; Steve Truitt is mentioned/ quoted in this one, though.

Tradition respected both in the industry and in academia: an Indonesian tattoo artist into traditional tattoo art and ‘university opening its door to Samoa tattoo.’

Tattoos on models’ is a pretty nice slide show proving how mainstream tattoos are now.

An interesting one from theUK: a woman who got into tattoos after getting divorced from her husband.